baby A’s nursery


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Neutral-Coral Nursery

So I guess this is a long time coming.

That’s because it’s not even finished. Her nursery, that is. I haven’t finished it. I have a 14-week-old baby and an unfinished nursery. That may not seem so crazy until you consider the fact that I had six months of unemployment and babylessness (totally a word) to get it finished. Aaaaandd it’s not done. Oy.

That being said, I have decided to at least share what I have done. There are so many fabulously adorable nurseries ideas out there. I am talking about some really, really, really cute nurseries. I scoured the internet for days, weeks, maybe even months putting together the most fabulous nursery I could muster. A few things were key:

  • Neutralness-besides the fact that I love white (see our white bedroom here) I wanted a mainly neutral nursery with pops of bright color. We would love to have a gaggle of babies, boys and girls alike, therefore having pieces that could be easily switched out based on gender was muy importante.
  • Fit for a princess-there are practically millions of sweet cutesy little girl nurseries. I love them all. I did not want one. I wanted a nursery with some elegance. I wanted a nursery that was breezy and light and rich and luxurious. If you can have all those things.
  • No pink-okay maybe a little pink. Just a little. I like pink, I do, but I wanted A to have a little more character to her nursery so I opted for a stronger color. I went with coral. I must say I’m pleased with it.

The only thing in the entire room we bought ourselves is the rug. This baby is so loved that most of the pieces were given to her from our family and friends. Along with these gifted pieces were her armoire (which we converted from an old china cabinet) and dresser that we were given back in our graduate school days. These two things were given new coats of fresh white paint (Snowy Mount by Olympic in semi-gloss) which made my neutral-loving heart smile. I have yet to finish the inside of her armoire but once I do there will lots of photos to share. It really is a neat concept that I’m sure I found on pinterest to take the shelves out of a china cabinet and add a rod to hang clothes on. Voila! Instant armoire!


The hardware is original to the piece. The whole thing used to be a dark cherry wood color where the details of the knobs and handles never stood out. I must say I was pleasantly surprised at how much of a statement they make against the white background now. Hanging from the knob on the upper right is one of the few pieces of art I have actually put in this nursery. It’s her name, made by a man in our church from a metal wire. I think it’s the sweetest.

name art

Her crib and bedding were also gifts. The crib is from one of my grandparents (A’s great-grandparent) and the bedding is from a group of families in the church where I grew up. See what I mean when I say this baby is SO loved?

Crib & bedding

The blanket is handmade by a friend. It’s soft and cuddly captures perfectly the whole thought of the nursery.

coral, brown, white blanket

Above her crib is where things get even more princess-y. I took the mosquito netting from above our bed and hung it up above her crib. Once the netting was hung I gathered up sections of it and pinned them to the ceiling, creating the draped canopy look.

Over the crib canopy

Inside the canopy I hung several variations of paper lanterns, to create a “mobile” effect.

Paper lantern mobile

I am in love with the different textures of the paper lanterns. However, I must say this was harder to put together than I thought. It looks like a few lanterns just randomly thrown up there, but it’s actually a bit of work to get each paper lantern to hang perfectly.

One last shot of her crib & bedding. I am so pleased with the color of the rug. It was a hard color to find.


My sister found this rocking horse in an antique store in Phoenix. Even though it will be some time before A rides a rocking horse I do just love it sitting in her nursery. It’s so sweet and yet another reminder of how much this baby is loved.

Antique rocking horse


A collection of stuffed animals waiting for A to be old enough to play sits on the other side of her crib.

Stuffed animals

I simply love this pillow from a dear friend.

nursery pillow

Directly across from A’s crib is her dresser/changing table.

Nursery dresser

This is the other piece we repainted and moved to her bedroom. It was a bright turquoise color with yellow handles that my lover stripped and then I repainted (again with help from friends) in the same white as the armoire. The handles got a spray painted coat of oil rubbed bronze. The armoire and dresser look so good together, a few people have thought they were a set. I call that a win.

In the corner of the room is a mural of a little boy playing in a tree and a little girl picking flowers. It was already here when we moved in, contributing to the decision to use this rather large space as a nursery. I added the flowers, giving the tree a 3-D effect and feminizing the dark color just a bit.

Mural corner


flowers added to wall mural

The lamb is another gift from sweet friends. Do you remember this project to make a faux lambskin and how I nicknamed it lamby so my lover would get too attached to make me throw it away? Well, some friends of ours thought that since her daddy had a lamby then A certainly needed one too. 🙂 I think it’s pretty cute.


The last thing in the room are the curtains. I looked and looked for the right curtains but everything I found was either not right or too expensive. In the end I bought shower curtains. I bought three shower curtains and they are perfect. Fluffy, frilly, flowy. They are exactly what this little princess needed.


I still desperately need to add some art to the room. I need to get her newborn portraits and a couple of our maternity photos framed, I want to create some art using Bible verses, and we’ve had some cabinets added to the room that need staging. All in good time. I only have a three-month-old. No big deal.

Neutral-Coral Nursery

Mural corner

Over the crib canopy


A’s birth story


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First of all to any of the male half of the species, I want to say good-bye. I’m saying good-bye because you will probably never read another post again after today.

That’s because I’m going to share my baby girl’s birth story. We’ll be referring to her as “A.” This story includes words like “cervix” and “dilate” and “water breaking.”

See you later gentlemen.

To anyone left reading, let’s dive in shall we?

Now, this story is not funny. Sorry. I sat down to type out A’s birth story and suddenly I had nothing funny to say. Zilch. Zippo. I’m sure something funny probably happened, like my lover needing a minute to sit down (sorry babe, but the truth shall set you free) for a minute to regain himself. Oh and there was her bath where the nurse tried to scrub off A’s beauty mark because she didn’t realize it was permanent. Or the beginning of labor when my dad & husband took off to go lawn mower shopping at Sears. Those things were funny. Squeezing a human being from my loins, not. so. funny.

Aaaannnndd now that things have gotten awkward, please continue reading to learn all about my baby girl’s grand entrance into the world.

Monday, January 20th was the due date for A’s arrival. That day came and went. The Tuesday after I had my regularly scheduled doctor’s appointment. My mom and husband went with me, and we got to see her in all her perfection during an ultrasound to check the fluids around her. Afterwards, I sat through a non-stress test which measured her heartbeat, movement, and monitored contractions. I have no idea why they call it a non-stress test. I was totally stressed. The last part of the appointment was the midwife checking my cervix. Turned out I was dilated only to a 2, 80% effaced, and having regular contractions. (Any men left?) After some discussion it was decided to induce on Wednesday, January 22nd if I did not go into labor on my own that night. I was so excited to share with John and my mom that if nothing else we would be having a baby the next day.

I did not go into labor on my own, so at 6:00 a.m. the next morning I called the Labor and Delivery (L&D) floor at the hospital to see if we could come in for an induction. Unfortunately, they were full and I was told to call back in a few hours. The second time I called received the same reply. At that point it was beginning to look unlikely that I would be induced that day. However, I was beginning to notice my contractions more frequently. My dad had arrived Tuesday night and after the second call to L&D we all decided to drive the hour into Clovis to have lunch and walk around the mall. Around 2:30 p.m. the hospital called to say we could come in for an induction. My contractions had quickened to three minutes apart and I couldn’t walk during some of them. I was hoping I would be in labor on my own and not have to be induced.

Last "bump" picture Getting hooked up Welcomed to the hospital

We headed over to the hospital and I got hooked up to machines that monitored my contractions, monitored A’s heartbeat, and monitored my blood pressure. I answered what seemed like an endless stream of questions and they prepared me for an IV. It was about 4:30 p.m. by the time the nurse checked me. To my dismay, nothing had changed since the day before. I was still at a 2, 80% effaced. My contractions were around 3 minutes apart but so weak they felt like little more than the baby doing jiu jitsu moving. The midwife chose to give me a double dose of Cytotec to continue the effacement and hopefully begin dilation of my cervix. Ouch. After administering the dose I was encouraged to get up and walk. I walked or sat on a birthing ball as much as I could. The bed was so uncomfortable.  In the meantime the nurse’s shift had ended and a new nurse came in to take my vitals and check how I was progressing. With still no change the midwife made the call to start the Pitocin drip. Because I was not feeling contractions (and because they were coming so frequently, 1 to 3 minutes apart) the intention was to slow the contractions down while making them stronger. I was able to sleep still and get up to use the restroom but by this point I was mostly confined to bed. The new nurse asked what I was intending for pain relief. I wanted to do as much as I could naturally but was open-minded towards an epidural.

Waiting for A to arrive!

A few hours later I was still confined to the bed so the nurse decided to try having me labor on my side. I got rolled over onto my right side and all the monitors got adjusted and I again began to drift off. John and my mom were still in the room with me, my dad having gone to the waiting room to catch a few hours of sleep. A few minutes after moving onto my side, around 2:30 a.m. on Thursday, January 23rd, I felt a pop like a balloon popping and then a rush of fluid. It was such a weird feeling. I sat up in the bed immediately and fumbled for the call button while crying out to my husband and mom that my water had broken and decidedly freaking out. The nurse came in promptly to inquire what I needed and I told her I thought my water may have broken. Which was kind of a lie because I knew my water had definitely broken. She got ready to check but before I let her do that I asked to use the restroom. In those few brief moments my contractions had seriously ramped up and I was starting to feel quite a bit of discomfort. The nurse checked me, and I had dilated to a 5. It was now about 3:30 a.m. I had dilated 3 centimeters in an hour. Ouch. The nurse offered pain relief through the IV and I said yes, still wanting to do this birthing thing naturally (without epidural) if I could. I can’t remember the name of the medication, but it made me seriously drowsy. I dozed in between contractions which were also beginning to speed up in spite of the pitocin. My mom stayed awake with me and my dad came back into the room while John tried to rest a little bit longer. An hour later though I was at the end of the relief from the IV (each dose only lasted about an hour) and I was so angry at John for sleeping I yelled at him that I wanted him to be awake right now. It was about 4:30 a.m. I pressed the call button for the nurse because I was desperately ready for more of whatever it was that was being administered through the IV. While she was in the room we began discussing an epidural. Even though my contractions were painful, I was sleepy enough in between that I thought I could go on without it. She explained that after I was 8 centimeters dilated they would no longer be able to administer the pain relief through the IV. My resolve then began to DISsolve, but still stubborn I told her I would wait it out. She began to leave the room and on her way out she just mentioned that if I decided I wanted an epidural later I would have to wait for the anesthesiologist to come back up to the hospital since he was on call. Resolve gone. I made the decision to get an epidural.

The funny thing is, once you’ve made the decision to have an epidural the pain gets way worse. The sudden increase in pain is probably more of a mental thing than anything else, but I’m telling you I suddenly had no ability to cope with each contraction at all. It took the anesthesiologist at least half an hour to get to me. I remember after one particularly long contraction crying “where is he??”

Earlier in the evening we had already been over all the legal stuff (like, there is a slight chance you could never walk again kind of legal stuff) associated with an epidural. So once the anesthesiologist was in the room it was go time. I had to sit up and hang my legs over the edge of the bed. Which was maybe the worst part of the entire delivery. Not to be dramatic, but when your body is racked with pain hanging your legs over the side of the bed is a form of pure torture. I would have confessed to murder at that point if it made the hurt go away. Thankfully, the epidural went in quick. No thanks to me who couldn’t stop moving. Body racked with pain, remember.

She's almost here!

They say it takes thirty minutes for the epidural to kick in, but I swear it was immediate. Immediate and tingly. The nurse checked me again once the epidural had fully kicked in and I was dilated to an 8. For those keeping track, that’s three centimeters in the first hour after my water broke and then three more centimeters the next hour and a half. I was given another half hour to be ready to push. At 5:30 a.m. I was almost to 10 centimeters, but not quite there so I was given a catheter. Which I didn’t feel. Because epidurals are awesome. If I ever sell drugs on the street that’s what I’ll be dealing in. Just come to me for all your tingly goodness needs. At 6:00 a.m. it was time to push. And push. And push a little bit more. I really tried my darnedest, but A was stuck. She was “sunny side up” and her large-ish head was caught on my pelvic bone. So at 7:00 a.m. the nurse called in the doctor. The doctor on the floor that day was Dr. Alexander. Assessing the situation it was decided that she would need to be vacuumed out. Which was fine with me. I was tired and desperately wanted my baby girl to be here. Dr. Alexander got the vacuum in place, I pushed for about two minutes and at 7:09 a.m. on January 23rd A popped out screaming. SCREAMing. Girlfriend has a definite healthy set of lungs on her.



She was immediately placed on my stomach while John cut the umbilical cord. She was covered in what looked like cottage cheese, pink and healthy, and did I mention she was screaming? I cried so much. Her daddy cried so much. And then everyone (my mom, my dad, my husband) all abandoned me to go watch as the nurses cleaned up, weighed, measured, etc. this beautiful new life that had just come into the world. We knew she was perfect from the moment we laid eyes on her. Our perfect blessing from the Lord.

Our perfect gift

“Every good and perfect gift is from above, and comes down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shadow of turning.” James 1:17

Sometimes-when she’s sleeping in my arms-I kiss her sweet little face, whisper a prayer of thanks for her, and tell her I love her so much. I am so thankful God chose me to be her mommy. Already she’s grown up too fast. When she was born she weighed 7 lbs. 10.4 oz. and was 20.5 in long. At two months, my precious baby girl was 12 lbs. 7.5 oz and 23.25 in. It goes TOO FAST and I’m just so happy I have the privilege of watching her grow.



Obligatory New Year’s Post


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2013 you dirty rascal I can’t believe you’re over.

Seriously. HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE?!?!?

You’ve been an interesting year, I’ll admit. Just chock-full of both ups and downs. The ups: moving to New Mexico, lover graduating (hal-le-lu-jah), and announcing the impending arrival of our baby (girl).

The downs: who cares. This year started out rough, but is totally redeemed in hindsight. God has been very good to us, and we’re looking forward to whatever (good and bad blessings in disguise) He has in store for us in 2014.

Okay but now on to my favorite part of every new year.

The resolutions.

For reals guys and girlios I could come up with a million new year’s resolutions. They are my favorite thing. I love the feeling of re-launching and re-setting that the new year always brings. It’s like doing an overnight detox but for your schedule. I also love goal setting, whether short-term or long-term. At midnight on December 31st those things collide. A re-set, a new set of goals, and a whole new 365 days to make it or break it. Where is my soapbox?! And maybe a staff! I shall lead this revolution of good feelings and fresh starts!

Ehem, maybe not. I would probably be the only one charging the main street of town screeching about launching something and that could land me a night(s) in the crazy house.

Where was I?

Ah yes, the resolutions. If I share mine you have to share yours. It’s only fair.

1. Have a baby. I’m only about three weeks from having this one in the bag. Er, maybe in the bassinet. Baby girl is due January 20th and I intend on helping her decide to come on time in every way I can. Spicy cookies? Pass me that plate. Eggplant lasagna? Don’t mind if I do. Walking five hundred eighty six bajillion miles a day? It’s a worthy goal. Whatever happens, this is one new year’s resolution I highly intend to keep.

2. Lose the baby weight. I’m trying to think ahead here. This can’t start until after said baby arrives, but I’m resolving on it now so I have no excuses comes six weeks post-partum.

3. Study a new book of the Bible every month. This idea actually started cooking when a friend of mine posted this Thirty Days in Philippians 2 for Busy, Busy Mamas link on facebook. I feel like breaking something down into manageable month-long assignments will break up this big goal into 12 mini-goals. And I’m downright giddy about being someone’s busy, busy mama (see resolution #1) this year so I totally qualify for the Philippians 2 study. Giddy I tell ya.

4. Take an instagram photo every day. I wish so bad I had more photos of everyday life. The kind of photos where you can see the sink overflowing with dishes in the background. Or the laundry on the line. Or my pajamas. In 2014 I’m going to do it. So get ready for the un-makeuped (totally a word), cluttered, beautiful shots of my everyday life via instagram. And if you aren’t following me you need to head on over to this page and follow me right. now. or you might miss a shot of my houseshoes decorated with nail polish or my cat pajamas or the first minutes of baby girl’s new life. You wouldn’t want to miss that, now would you?

5. Complete one (biggish) pinterest project a month. I actually had this as a resolution a few years ago before I had a blog. I really enjoyed it, and it was a great motivator to do some of the bigger projects I wanted to do but was a little bit chicken about. Plus, I now have a craft room and can leave my projects out and in total disarray until they’re finished. At least I’m pretty sure that’s what my husband said. Another big plus here is that it will provide me with at least one blog post a month. And speaking of blog posts…

6. Set blogging goals and blog more. I love writing this blog. I love it a lot. I love it like Visa loves fees. Love. Love. Love. However, I struggle to always make time for it and I forget to take pictures of projects and I’m having a baby and…you get the idea. This year I want to do better. I want to set aside time to do this thing that I love, this thing called blogging. And I want to get better at it. So I’m going to sit down and set myself a new goal each quarter. I’m going to change things, research good blogging, blog more, learn about photoshop, connect with other bloggers, and so on. All because I love it.

7. Finish my wedding book, start my little girl’s baby book. I’m not even going to tell you how long we’ve been married. Too long for my wedding book to still be two-thirds unfinished, that’s how long. Now with baby girl’s arrival coming up quicker than a New Mexico train I need to finish my wedding book so I can make sure to capture and journal all her special moments in her baby book.

8. Print more photos. I don’t care if they get shoved in a shoebox somewhere, I need to print more photos so they don’t get lost in the black hole of a hard drive somewhere. In all reality I need to print, organize, and display more photos but this can just be a baby step for 2014.

9. Send more things. A repeat from last year, this is one I want to get really, exceptionally good at. Starting with making sure to always mail out thank-you notes in a timely manner and gradually moving towards birthday cards and packages, I want to do my part in keeping the USPS in business.

10. Get a NM driver’s license. Okaaay, sooooo. Still haven’t done that. Whoops.

Cheers to 2014! May it be better than we expect, full of family, fun, love, and maybe even a surprise or two.

Now that I’ve shared my resolutions (and made it to an even 10! OCD for the win!) you simply MUST share yours. I’m anxious to hear all about them. Except I’m a little nervous they will be better than mine and I’ll be all jealous and stuff. Be gentle with me, please!

christmas recap: you might be a redneck if…

It being Christmas Eve and all, I just had to relive one of my first posts about Christmas. Also, this was before I got myself knocked up and I look SO SKINNY!!!


…your family gets more excited about this:

than they get excited about anything else. I come from a family of very refined rednecks. We love NASCAR, yes. My grandpa once had a worm farm, yes. Having a dozen people wielding firearms is a normal Christmas, yes. But we don’t keep broken down cars in the front yard for 20 years. My parents have cable television. Most of us have all our teeth. Like I said, we’re refined rednecks.

Oh and can I just say how hot my lover is with that gun? That man is smokin’  hooottt! Sorry ladies, he’s mine. 🙂

Quick side story. This one time I called my mom to chat about girl things. But she was busy. At the gun show. Buying a gun. The woman is bad to the bone.

You wouldn’t want to meet her in a dark alley. You wouldn’t come out alive. Which…

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