So this is one of those better-late-than-never-things

We went here:

That’s not even my most excited face. When I make my most excited face my mouth is open waaaaaay wider. Seriously. That happens.

I’ve been to a few caves in my life. My parents took us to Mammoth Cave in Tennessee and Kartchner Caverns in AZ. I’ve been to Natural Bridge deep in the heart of Texas. Seems like maybe some place in Illinois too. Anyway that’s not important. What IS important is that Carlsbad Caverns are my favorite. Because you see stuff like this:

*We interrupt your regularly scheduled programming to warn you that these pictures are terrible. Please be aware that taking pictures in caves is IMPOSSIBLE. We now return to your regularly scheduled programming*

Those little beauties are the Queen’s Draperies. Carlsbad was absolutely stuffed to the gills with formations. everywhere. And it was amazing. So stunning.

Ohhhhh, I skipped too far ahead. Sorry. I just got really excited about caves. We were told beforehand (thank you Alison!) that the entrance is kind of like a big sideways hole in the ground so we were ready for it and took some pictures. Like the one below:

Intimidated yet? No? Imagine going down in there during the wild wild west days with nothing but a kerosene lamp and a prayer. Intimidated now? That’s only the mouth of the cave. We walked down for what seemed like forever before we even got to the awesome part. And we hiked back UP. Like a boss.

Okay that last part isn’t true. We took the elevator up. Because I value oxygen a lot and I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have been able to breath coming back up. I’m that out of shape. Please don’t tell anyone. 🙂

This next picture really has nothing to do with the cave. I just laugh when I see it. It’s a running-inside-because-it’s-windy-and-cold-in-New-Mexico-and-there’s-no-way-we’re-stopping-for-pictures picture. I’m an Arizona girl. I cannot handle anything below 75 degrees. And I hate loathe wind.

That’s my action movie hair. Because if I was Laura Croft:Tomb Raider I would look like that. Which is maybe why they went with Angelina Jolie for that movie. *sigh*

Everybody STOP!!! You must think about Michael Jackson for a moment, then start humming the opening music to “Thriller” before you look at this next picture. I’ll give you a moment…






You know that scene in the Lion King where the one hyena keeps saying “Mufasa” and the other hyena gets chills? I get those kind of chills when I see this picture.  That’s an overstatement but I said it anyway for dramatic effect.

And that’s our little side trip! We’ve been saying for years that one day on the way to my parent’s house we would stop, and now we have! I cannot wait to go back. I loved it so much. At one point on the tour they said part of the 1959 movie Journey to the Center of the Earth had been filmed in that very room and I nearly jumped out of my seat/yanked John’s arm off with excitement. Because I’m that much of a dork. Ahhh, Carsbad. How I love thee.