I really like to throw parties.

A lot.

Ask my lover. He’s learned the art of how to be extremely illusive (like suddenly having a paper due in the middle of summer) during certain parts of the year. It’s especially bad during birthday week in May. Where I run around a lot. Crying. And at Christmastime. Oh glorious Christmastime!

This year we had the 2nd annual Russo Christmas party. That’s right. Annual. As in, we do one every year. And it is so much fun for me. Maybe not so much fun for anyone else, but I’m okay with that.

This year I got inspired but one of my most favoritest new Christmas movies. Elf. Anybody know the scene where he decorates his dad’s house with paper snowflakes? And paper chains? I went that route.

Tacky and fabulous!

Oh, and there were props. Like the Merry Christmas sign. And this:

I took a frame that was unused, pressed a line of glue into the grove around the edge, and went to town with the glitter. This made for a couple of wonderful pictures. Like this one:

See! We’re able to take cute pictures without becoming totally awkward in front of the camera. Although I am 100% sure that right before this picture was snapped John said “you’re a dragon, you’re a dragon” and I said “be a tiger!” So we WERE totally awkward in front of the camera, but thankfully you can’t hear through pictures.

So now do you wanna talk about food?

Well, do ya?

I do. 🙂

I always want to talk about food. If you ever see me around and there’s awkward silence, just start talking about food. I’ll take care of the conversation from there.

I fail miserably. I did not get great pictures of the food. Or very many pictures. Just a few group shots of all the food together. So here are all 2 pictures of the food:

Now, let’s talk punch for a minute. I got this recipe from my mother dearest, she uses it for everything. With good reason too, it is DELICIOUS! I’ll give the recipe at the end of this post. Just know that it includes sherbet. KNOW that.

I also put out hawaiian sliders, you can find the recipe here via pinterest. I copy-catted after my sweet friend made some back in July for an english garden party. No party is complete in my opinion without some lil’ smokies, smothered in barbecue sauce of course. I put out a veggie tray with dip, some cheese and crackers, and chocolate fondue. I was tempted to hang out by the fondue pot all night, but since I was hosting this shindig I decided against it.

And then there was cake. I absolutely love Christmastime spices. Ginger, cloves, nutmeg, mmmmmmhhhhhhhmmmmmm!!!!!!! Good to the last drop. Wait, that’s coffee. Good to the last crumb? Yeah, good to the last crumb. 🙂 I started a spice cake tradition with our first Christmas party. I attach charms to the end of a ribbon, and then insert them into the middle layer of (cream cheese of course!) frosting. As guests get their cake, they also get a charm. Each charm is connected to a prize (e.g. the wreath charm meant a candle, the bell charm meant a picture frame, etc.)

One of my favorite things about Christmas is giving. Don’t misunderstand me, I like EVERYTHING about Christmas. Celebrating Jesus birth is numero uno on my list, and then there are lights, music, gifts, food (helloooo, food) traveling, family, and friends. But I really love giving. Even if it’s something so small like a dollar tree frame. Or a bucket of hot cocoa mix. I just enough of bringing a little slice of happy to the people I love.

Sorry about my little sentimental rabbit trail there. I’ll try to keep us on track.

Keep us on track with photos, perhaps? But of course.

Jerri’s Delicious Party Punch

Ingredients: 1 carton raspberry or lime sherbet

1 (2 liter) 7-up

Pineapple juice, to taste

Directions: Scoop (with ice cream scoop) sherbet into bottom of punch bowl.

Pour in entire bottle of 7-up.

Add pineapple juice to taste.

I usually use about 2-3 cups of pineapple juice each time.

And that’s a Merry Christmas wrap! What did you do that got you in the holiday spirit? Any delicious punch recipes? Come on, we can still talk about this at least until Valentine’s Day. Heck, I still have my tree up.

I lied about that. My tree is gone. But it is forever up in my heart!