Come on ring those bells!!!
Light the Christmas tree…..Jesus Christ is KING
Born for you and me.
You were so singing that in your head. Come on now, admit it. You were singing.
Oh was that just me? *blushing*
Well I get pretty stinking excited about Christmas. Can’t contain myself, get up at the crack of dawn, run down the stairs like a five-year-old excited. There is nothing like it. favorite. holiday. ever.
This year we were blessed with Christmas on a Sunday! Is there a more fabulous way to spend Jesus’ birthday but with the church? And…….(drum roll)……..BELLS!
We call ourselves the Smith family ringers. This was us last year:
We grew a little bit, and this was us this year:
My mother dearest should be standing next to me. That’s why I’m pointing there. I’m probably trying to boss her around in this photo. I know. You can’t believe it right?
Let’s back up a couple of hours. Our morning looked like this:
 That’s me above. All happy about my potato chip maker from pampered chef. That I in NO WAY had any idea about beforehand. Not even a smidge. Right mom? 😉
This is all of the grandchildren. Minus the four who didn’t make it to AZ. We decided it would be a good idea to pile on John. He needed some attention. Poor baby sprained his ankle playing family football. Gosh! It’s family football! For real?!?! You sprain your ankle???
This is the happy loving picture of the family.
Normally we be gangsta’
That’s my HAWT sister on the right. Isn’t she pretty? And let’s talk about my jacket for a moment….
oooohhhhhh, aaaaaahhhhhh. Animal print. Thanks to my lover for my new coat! And Brooke you sneaky rat for helping him get the right size. I dream about it at night.
Don’t be hatin’ sista!
More oooohhhhhhing and aaaaaaaahhhhhhing over my jacket. And I want everyone to know John does this naturally. This is NOT the result of anything I am doing to him. My right hand is there on the side of the chair tucked partway under my leg, and my left hand is on my knee. So this is all him baby!
It was an absolutely beautiful day to be having church outdoors. I love AZ so much. Where else can you have church outside on December 25th and still be happy about it? Not many places my friends. Not many places. The sermon was so wonderful. Sorry you missed it.
After church we went home and prepared Christmas dinner. My mother dearest is such an angel. She directed us all in the kitchen with the utmost grace and patience. The woman is a saint. Especially with me and my sister in the kitchen. We both think we know everything. Ever heard the phrase “too many cooks in the kitchen?” Hellloooooo demonstration. Mom handled it all like a champ.
And the food was delicious. You would think as much as I l-o-v-e food there would be more pictures. But I always get too busy eating to take pictures. It’s a curse.
My mouth is watering just thinking about turkey!
Hope you had a Merry Christmas!