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Someday when I have ducks and get them all in a row Fridays will be dedicated to guest posts. In my mind I see a fun time of women encouraging each other, offering up ideas, stories, tips and tricks. Until then, you’re stuck with me. Sorry.

I thought today I would reveal the beginning  final product  beginning the tutorial on our v-day wreath.  But before we get to that I want to show you the how-to on this little beauty. You can click on the link for the original instructions or you can brave the rough waters below and follow my tutorial. Ye’ be warrrrned!

Step 1) Find some fabulous paper at Joanns or craft supply store of your choice. Make sure the papers are all the same size, and I would probably try to find cardstock or otherwise heavy paper.

Step 2) Cut paper into even strips. Like so:

I used the paper slicer at work. Fortunately this was a lot easier than the last thing I sliced at work. That time I set up my co-worker’s desk as my craft station. I’m so thankful for these men I work with. They don’t seem to mind my antics too much. Or maybe they do, they’re just too nice to say anything. eek! I prefer to think they don’t mind. It makes me feel better. Moving on.

Step 3) Fold strips in half and crease. Like this:

Fold one with the pattern on the inside and one with the pattern on the outside. This will be the ONLY ONE with the pattern on the outside. All others will be folded with the pattern on the inside. That’s what you want. Trust me. Otherwise, disaster WILL strike. I wash my hands of this.

Step 4) Take strip A (pattern on the outside) in your left hand with the two ends between your fingers. Take strip B (pattern inside) and insert strip A’s crease in between strip B’s crease. Staple the two strips together at the crease.

Step 5) Take the free ends of strip B and gently pull them down. You should see a heart shape appear. Take a third strip and crease (pattern inside) just as before. Take the free ends of strip B and insert them into the crease of strip C. Staple strips together where the ends and crease meet. Like so:

This is further along as I made my garland, but it illustrates the point. See how you would pull the free ends down to form a heart? You got this champ.

Keep going until your garland is the length you want it. Or be a complete buffoon like me and keep going until you use all your paper. Then you’ll end up with a pile like this:

And you will only use about three-quarters of it. Your husband will mock, and you will giggle while secretly wanting to wrap the extra garland around his scrawny neck. In a loving kind of way, of course.

Oh and you can go back to that first strip (whom I lovingly call “strip A”) with the pattern on the oustide, gently fold those free ends in on themselves and staple to finsh the heart garland from end to end.

Now that you’ve got garland to hang where you wish let’s get on to that wreath. I checked the spelling of “wreath” with Miss Brooke Bednar because it looked so funny. Don’t worry. I spelled it right. And now it’s all good in the hood. (I can say that because I literally live in the hood)

Here we go.

What you need for a fabulous cheap-o valentine’s wreath:

Pipe insulation ($.97 from Lowe’s)

6 packs of cupcake liners from Dollar tree. Mine are striped, and I love it

Hot glue gun and sticks.


Time (This look me about one-and-a-half-hours)

Step 1) Cut insulation in half. This way you have enough insulation for this wreath and one more. Then take the insulation (make sure the slit is on the outside!) and form a circle, duct-taping where the ends meet. Wrap in ribbon of your color choice, just in case the final product is see-through.

Step 2) Meanwhile your hot glue gun should be ready to use. Take a cupcake liner, put your index finger in the middle of the bottom, and then gently scrunch the liner around your finger. The result will look like this:

Step 3) Now take your glue gun and put a dab of hot glue on the tip. Attach to wreath form and hold for about 1.5 seconds. After you do this a few times, it will look like this:

(ignore the fact that I didn’t have enough ribbon to wrap the entire wreath. It was late and I’m too lazy/cheap to go out and get more)

Once your whole wreath is done, you’re done. Just hot glue or pin ribbon to the back to hang it with, and attach your flower from yesterday’s post in the location of your desire. Voila! A b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l Valentine’s wreath!