…your family gets more excited about this:

than they get excited about anything else. I come from a family of very refined rednecks. We love NASCAR, yes. My grandpa once had a worm farm, yes. Having a dozen people wielding firearms is a normal Christmas, yes. But we don’t keep broken down cars in the front yard for 20 years. My parents have cable television. Most of us have all our teeth. Like I said, we’re refined rednecks.

Oh and can I just say how hot my lover is with that gun? That man is smokin’  hooottt! Sorry ladies, he’s mine. 🙂

Quick side story. This one time I called my mom to chat about girl things. But she was busy. At the gun show. Buying a gun. The woman is bad to the bone.

You wouldn’t want to meet her in a dark alley. You wouldn’t come out alive. Which I guess technically means you wouldn’t come out. I’ll have to work on those logistics.

Here are some more of us firearm-wielding women:

If you knew how sugary-sweet my darling grandmother is you would know why this picture is awesome. And I just want to point out that we are EXTREMELY safe when we go out to the shooting range. My dad/uncle/grandfather all give stern instructions on how to handle a gun properly. Plus all of us have been handling guns since we could walk. It’s a redneck thing.

This is just another gratuitous picture of me and my little sister. Basically we think we’re awesome and this picture really portrays that:

And this is my studmuffin (I didn’t make that up on the spot. That’s the name he’s listed under in my cell phone.)

This is me, taking care of business:

Next time you see me in person ask about the time I thought there was a creep coming to get me. It involved medication, the dog, and a shotgun. It’s an edge-of-your-seat-nail-biting kind of story. And it’s GOOD.

This next picture gets my point across exactly. The exposure was weird, but I kind of like it. It’s my family. In the desert during sunset. With our guns.

Now if we just had horses. Or actually, four-wheelers. Covered in camouflage. Ya, that sounds about right. 🙂

Here’s Johnny!!!!

Bahahaha! Doesn’t this picture just make you laugh?!?! And yes, I always seem to glow like that. It’s because I’m so angelic 😉

And that’s it! Thanks for tolerating all these Christmas recaps. They’re over now. You’re welcome.