Happy Birthday Arizonaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!

We’re goin’ par-ty, like, it’s your birthdayyy. We’re goin’ par-ty, like, it’s your birthdayyy. (you gotta rap it! sounds better that way.)

Today’s been a hard day, I’m not going to lie. My great-grandmother passed away this morning (my mother up at 7:00 a.m. and calling you, not good,) our country is going down the tubes, and my sweet sister is dealing with conflict. NOT a good day.

But I have something to smile about! Well, besides Jesus (duh!) and His awesome love.

Because today is AZ’s 100th birthday! (cue the rap music! we’re goin’ par-ty…) And I’m nothing if not in love with this state. The beauty of the desert in bloom. The heat waves shimmering in the air. The valley of the sun, surrounded by glorious mountains. The stunning sunsets of purples, oranges, reds, and golds. The Grand Canyon. Must I go on???

In an effort to celebrate the centennial of my fair state from afar, let’s look at some of the things that make AZ AweZome (see what I did there? changed the “s” to a “z?” get in? no?)

  • On this day in 1912, AZ was the 48th state to join the union, followed only by Hawaii & Alaska
  • Nickname is “The Grand Canyon Sate”-betcha didn’t see that one coming 😉
  • It was 118 degrees the day I got married. Which is not so much a state fact as it is a me fact. It was hot.
  • First Baptist Church Chandler was established the same year as the state of Arizona. boo-yah!
  • AZ covers approximately 113,000 square miles of land.
  • It touches 3 other states (New Mexico, Utah, Colorado) to form 4 Corners, the only place in the U.S. where four states connect together at once.
  • Arizona is home to all kinds of wildlife. The list includes roadrunners, rattlesnakes, coyotes, scorpions, black widows, etc. Basically whatever you’ve seen in a western cartoon.

So there are just a few random and fun facts. Now that business is finished, let’s talk about why I love AZ.

  • It’s sunshiny all but maybe 10 days out of the year. It storms like nobody’s business rains heavily for maybe a day or two at a time and then moves on. And I confess now: I hate rain passionately. Almost as much as I hate wind, which you can see in this post.
  • You see awesomeness like this.
  • Everybody out there carries a water bottle everywhere they go. To church. To the movies. To a friend’s house. It’s the one place where not carrying a water bottle makes you a freak. It’s very comforting to me.
  • Phoenicians like to shop. A lot. So much so that in the valley you’re never more than a 10 minute drive from a mall. Perfection.
  • People from Phoenix call it “the valley.” But we get offended when you call it that. So just don’t, OKAY?
  • What I just said it not completely true. We don’t actually get offended when you call it “the valley”
  • The food. You’ve never seen Mexican food like Arizonans. And the salsa. Oh, the glorious salsa! We consider ourselves second only to, well, Mexico.
  • Flip-flops. If you don’t own at least half-a-dozen pairs of Old Navy flip-flops you run the risk of being kicked out the state.
  • Loose gun control laws. You can see why I would like that here.
  • The attitude. Arizona has the hang-loose-mama-goose attitude of California, but with a touch of southern hospitality. Except when it comes to illegal immigration. And we all know how AZ feels about illegal immigration.

I think that’s a wrap! Happy Birthday Arizona!