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Oh my gosh. I’m having one of those weeks. Already. And it’s only just started. It’s one of those weeks where I’m just going to try to focus on the things I have gotten done, and not look at the put-santa-claus-to-shame long list of things on the to-do list. Yeah, one of THOSE weeks.

On a brighter note let’s look at something I did a couple of weeks ago, shall we? I know I’ve gushed over my sweet friend who moved away this year. Well, I thought to myself “Self, it would be awesome if you had the coordination/organization/sanity to send a little care package to Virginia (that’s where she moved) because there are things she can’t get there that she loves.” It’s true, I thought those thoughts exactly-ish.

Now you may be thinking to yourself “Self, we’ve known Elesea for a long time and we’ve never gotten a care package.” You would be right. I’ve never sent you a care package. Because I am NOT coordinated/organized/sane enough to really do this. The fact that I actually got my act together and sent this is a fluke. A happy fluke that I hope happens again.

So without any more rambling, here are the contents of one very random care package:

 I tried to make a nice white background for the above photograph. But a) I’m too lazy to iron the pillowcase I used and b) you can definitely see the wall. Well, guess we know I won’t be pursuing a career in photography!

Don’t worry, I packaged that tea in ribbon so it would be cute. And yes that is my five year old boy terrible handwriting. What about it? You wanna take this outside?

I got this for free:

 See all the beautiful beads? Now don’t get me wrong. Some of those things are definitely U-G-L-Y you ain’t got no alibi and should never be used for craft purposes. ever. Who wants a necklace that looks like rocks?? Actually Madonna probably would. I’ll just let you think about that.

We’ll talk about this in a future post. I have a LOT of gushing to do:

 Maybe someday in the future I’ll have Mrs. Bednar tell you all about why we’re dressed like characters from Downton Abbey. Until then, just know that it was awesome. And there were scones.

Also, I’m addicted to the remnants section of Joann’s. Sometimes I just think about wheeling the entire display up to the counter and saying, “I’ll take ’em all.” But then I would have to bring them home. John would ask where I got all that fabric. And then I would have to run for my life. Run very, very fast. So I resisted temptation and just picked up these:

 Let’s get a closer look at that print:

 Isn’t that simply gorgeous?? I think I just realized why you’ve never gotten a care package from me. It’s because I tried to buy you really awesome stuff and I got jealous of how much fun you would have with those wonderful things. Then I kept them for myself. I know this to be true because it almost happened with this fabric. When I bought it I had every intention of giving it away, but then I got about 582 great ideas for how I could use it. *sigh* In the end I sent it. I struggle with hoarder tendencies when it’s about fabric. It’s time to fight back 😉

Anyway, now that I’ve rambled away 15 minutes of your day, let me conclude. I consider this post a personal challenge to myself. To give more. I’ve already blabbered on about how much I love to give in this post, but reality is I do not give enough. I’ve decided to change that. At least once a month I’ll be in the post office, sending something to someone. Homemade cookies, more fabric (wink wink), random items I pick up at the dollar store. That’s another addiction story for another time…