So I signed up for February’s birthday bash at my office. Not signed up to have my birthday then. Because as far as I know, you don’t really have much control over that. Well I guess your parents sort of do, but once you’re born that’s it. You’re stuck born in the most fabulous month of July. People even shoot off fireworks for your birthday.

Wait that’s just me? I’m the only one with July 6th for a birthday? Well ain’t that interestin’.

This has nothing to do with anything. I probably should erase this whole post and start again. Too lazy. Will press on.

So I signed up to decorate and feed the masses provide birthday snacks for a little February birthday celebration. Now, let me tell you, I cannot leave well enough alone. So cupcakes and chex-mix weren’t going to cut it. You dig? not. good. enough.

That being said, here’s what I did:

AND on a budget too! Who’s your dadddddy???

Would you like details? Yes?

These will now be a staple any time I have to bring a snack anywhere. Because a)they are easy as all get out to make and b) they are delish. Just the right amount of freshness (from the grapes) with a hint of white chocolate and a salty balance from the chopped peanuts. For these all you do is chop peanuts, melt white chocolate chips, skewer grapes with toothpick and dip in first chocolate then nuts. Voila!

Who doesn’t love popcorn?

Well actually I’m sure somebody out there doesn’t but who could resist how sophisticated this popcorn looks on (gasp!) dollar tree “silver platters.” Fo’ rizzle people. The dollar tree. You can find the recipe for the flavored popcorn here and the other one is just plain butter & salt.

Speaking of dollar tree, they helped a sista’ out with this stand:

Two plates + martini glass = cupcake stand. I’ll have a tutorial for you later this week. For now let me chitty-chat about those cupcakes. Lemon. Filled with raspberry. Topped with buttercream. I think they may actually chitty-chat for themselves. Recipe for the cupcakes can be found here via pinterest. I used raspberry jam to fill them, and it’s just a traditional buttercream on top. And you must excuse how terrible the frosting looks. I did it at 7:00 a.m. Not really the most productive part of my day.

See those pretzels up there? You are going to want to pay close attention now. Because you are going to want to make these. Right before you eat them all. Buy a bag of pretzels (the square kind seem to work best) buy a bag of Hershey’s “hugs” go home and pre-heat your oven to 350 degrees. Now, line your baking sheet with parchment, lay out as many pretzels as you have candy flat on your sheet, and set one candy on each pretzel. Now, put sheet in oven for LITERALLY 3 minutes. Maybe less. All you want to do is soften the candy. Now take the sheet out of the oven and immediately smash a pretzel down on top. Allow all to cool, and try not to eat more than a dozen in one sitting. 🙂

Let’s talk punch shall we?

Helllloooooooo delicious! You’re looking absolutely edible today. I started with this basic punch recipe, with a few modifications of my own. I halved the recipe to start, and used pineapple juice instead of coconut, didn’t add stevia (what the crap is that anyway??) and used ginger ale instead of club soda. So I guess I really didn’t follow that recipe. Except for the fruit.

Now, let’s switch gears from food to decor. Although it hurts my heart a little bit not to be talking about food…

I did almost nothing for decorations, except buy balloons and use paper doilies (dollar tree, holla!)

The doilies hanging in front are just cut in half and taped to the front of the counter. Then the balloons are attached to the back of the counter like so:

And so the front looked like this:

A backdrop really helps a dessert table pop (I think) and creates a nice blank slate for your party. Fill your table with goodies, and get your party on!

Oh and here’s an awkward photo of me in front on my creation. Looking like a little crazy, a la Vanna White: