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hahahaha! You get it? it’s kind of like the “low-down” but not. Because after reading this you will know how to make a cupcake stand. So it’s the “know-down.” Still not getting it? huh. Early retirement for me as a blogger.

Well whether you understand my cheesy/ridiculous post title or not, today I’m going to demonstrate how to make the cupcake stand featured in this post. I told you the tutorial would come and here it is!

So you start with a trip to the dollar tree. And after trying your darndest not buy everything in the store, come home with two clear glass plates and a martini glass. You’ll be relieved to know that I had not a clue what a martini glass was. I kept calling it a “miniature margarita glass” until someone informed that a mini-margarita glass was actually a martini glass. ūüôā

So far you will have spent three dollars on this project. And if you already own a glue gun and glue sticks, you will spend $0 more¬†for this project. I actually went back and used¬†glass adhesive¬†to make my stand permanent (I hearted it that much) since this set-up is only temporary. Hot glue will easily peel off glass so if you go that route know that it’s only gonna last for about one party. You can use these same instructions, just substitute¬†the adhesive¬†for hot glue. Alrighty, onward we go!

Now I just do some eyeballing, but for all you perfectionists out there you could find the center of your plates and mark them. But I. Am. Too. Lazy.

I found it easiest to start with the wide mouth of the martini glass. For hot glue, I just squeezed a blob on opposite sides of the rim, flipped over and adhered to the bottom of the first plate.

Now, while the whole thing is still upside down, take your hot glue (or here’s where¬†the adhesive¬†works WAY better) and slowly but surely squeeze a thin line of glue around the rim of the martini glass. Make sure to keep the tip of your glue gun as close to the place where the rim of the glass and the plate meet as you possibly can. Allow to cool.

It will look like this when you flip it over:

Now the beauty of this is it doesn’t have to be perfect. Because you’re covering it with delicious goodies of all kinds! At this point you want to handle your cupcake stand as gently as possible, and try not to put too much stress on the bond between plate and glass. If you’re using adhesive, wait for it to dry the recommended amount of time before proceeding to the next step.

Okay go ahead and flip it back over so the plate is face down and the stem of the glass is pointed up at you. Repeat the same process, with the two globs of glue, etc. Only this time, join the top of the plate with the glass. Both plates should be facing the same direction. Now, take your glue and press the same thin line onto your cupcake stand keeping your tip as close to the point where the plate and glass meet as you possibly can.

Here’s the best shot I could get of myself applying the glue:

Now let your glue cool (or allow your adhesive to dry the recommended time) and congratulate yourself. You just made a cupcake stand:

And let’s look at it covered in food. Because everything looks better with food:

There you are! Three dollars, and a masterpiece is born!