I took a little break from blogging last week.

I wish I could say it was because I was doing something fabulous, like backpacking through Europe or climbing Mt. Everest. But alas, it was only because I’m lazy. And there was really nothing going on. Except some Lord of the Rings watching. So actually, I was in heaven last week. Sorry you missed it. 🙂

This week though, I’m makin’ up for lost time! I’ve got lots to share, from practical shoes to a trip, God’s word to a pinterest challenge. Keeps yu liddle eyeballies peeeeled for two posts on Wednesday (I KNOW! I’m like a machine.) Now let’s get started with a little fixer-upper, shall we?

I love and adore this purse.

It’s the perfect size, the pockets on the inside are perfectly placed, it’s the perfect neutral color, perfect perfect perfect! But, the straps looked like this:

Ick. Ew. Gross. Bleh. *barf* *blush* Yuck.

Now I do not want to give up the perfect perfect perfect purse. However, I can’t go around looking like a homeless woman who pulled her purse out of the dumpster behind goodwill. You know, the place where they put even the junk they can’t sell? And so I getsted this bbbbright idear.


Oh happy day! 🙂

Here’s what you do, when your favoritest purse ever needs a little sprucing.



Ribbon (and if you’re buying ribbon for a purse, might as well get something as fabulous as you!)

Hot glue. Your best friend hot glue. Now’s a good time for you to do some bonding. hehe

Here’s a shot of my ribbon:

I chose a contrasting color, and a pattern. Seemed like a good idea.


Let your glue gun heat up. Now take one of the purse straps, and hot glue the end of the ribbon to the base of the strap. See:

Now to make it simple/rhythmic for myself, I wrapped the ribbon around the strap, inserted a line of glue along the stitching you see above, and pressed the ribbon down. Make sure you wrap the ribbon very tightly around the purse strap. This will help keep it from shifting around and allowing the yellow crusty strap to show through your beautiful ribbon. Nobody wants to see that.

Oh, and don’t forget to panic near the end of the second strap because you think you won’t have enough ribbon to finish. It’s not really a project until you teeter on the brink of having to pick up more ribbon from the store disaster!

Finished product shot? I think so.

I’m thinking about adding some fun beading on the straps too. You know, because why leave well enough alone when you can tinker with it? 😉

What have you been doing this week? What have I missed?