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My lover and I have no kiddos. Unless something happened that neither one of us know about. Like we accidentally adopted without our knowledge. Which I don’t think happens too often. So yes, I can say with confidence the Russos have no kiddos.

Which means, for my poor lover (pray for him guys; He’s married to me) that any huge birthday extravaganza will be centered around him. Even if it’s themed.

So far he’s had a wild west bbq party and a Mexican fiesta. He rolls his eyes, but I know am pretty sure hope he loves it. I know he loves the opportunity to have fun with all his friends, I just take that one step further and theme his playtime. Here’s a little hint on this year’s theme:

 And no post is complete without at least one mildly awkward photo of myself:

 Well? Any guesses?

If you said circus, we’re not friends anymore. Because it is so not a circus. We’re much more refined than that. hhhhrrumph!

It’s a carnival!! 🙂

See how much more refined a carnival is than a circus? I would never do something so tacky for my possibly-turning-27-year-old husband. Actually I probably would, but this year I’m going all carnival baby.

Now please don’t laugh. Because I may be slightly neurotic. NOT narcotic. Please don’t misread. I don’t want to get kicked out of school. We’re so close to finishing. And then I won’t have to live in the hood anymore. Which would be great. It’s on my bucket list. Not living in the hood. Hold on a second while I daydream about that…

Okay back to why I’m neurotic. I have been planning said birthday bash since January. You might be saying “well, Elesea, really that’s not too long. Two months. People take two months to plan all sorts of soirees, both big and small.” You would be right. Except for one tiny detail I need to mention. John’s birthday is not for two MORE months. So that makes about 4 months in total. Which is a little teensy bit crazy for a little birthday party. Don’t try to make me feel better. I know it’s too late for me.

So here’s what I’ve done so far…

1) Tried to stay away from the dollar tree. Because it’s like they know I’m hosting a carnival, and they have concentrated all marketing efforts on carnival supplies. Like glow sticks, and clown noses.

2) Made half a dozen lists. Because you can’t throw a good party without at least half a dozen. In fact, if you can get like nine or ten lists going, you’re pretty much guaranteed your party is going to be a hit. I’ve made decorations lists, food lists, photo-op inspiration lists. You name it. I even have a “random ideas that really have nothing to do with anything” list. Because I must. hit. the. half. dozen. mark.

3) Collected small items, like glow sticks, swirly lollipops, and gumball machines (thank you cupid for your holiday. It made finding awesome candy so easy.) One of my sweet friends has helped feed my obsession. She’s an enabler, really. She found these on Walgreens website. I bought two dozen. Because I really like the word “dozen” and want it included a dozen times in this post. Wowza! It’s like word on the day. Except it’s a pretty common word. So not that hard. Anyway. I have also bought some fabric with my 40% off coupons at Joanns. Some red and some white. To make a “big top” in our living room. Oh John, how I love you and your patience with me.

4) Gathered recipes, and started cooking a plan as to how I’m going to prepare all the food for this shindig. This year the food will all be prepped beforehand, so that’s a huge relief. Last year we served a full on Mexican meal, with tacos, rice, beans, queso, the works. NEVER AGAIN. I couldn’t think straight by the end of that party. And it all had to be prepared minutes before the fiesta started. Which had me running around like a headless chicken.

5) Scoured pinterest for inspiration. There is no shortage of great ideas out there. Check out a couple of my favorites:

Above photo for “Big Top” Inspiration found here via pinterest.

Above photo for color inspiration found here via pinterest.

And I abandoned pinterest (*gasp!*) for google to find these lovelies. The link takes you to a video, so don’t be surprised if sound starts coming out of your computer. It hasn’t come alive a la The Terminator. Yet.

For any and all other carnival inspiration, you can check out my board on pinterest. Just click this link and it should take you straight to my party board. Most of the stuff is labeled. I’ll keep you posted as I work on it. Because I’m sure you want all the details. Just sure of it.

And here’s the part where I ask you if you have any great ideas for me. Cheap, great ideas. My lists could always get longer. 😉