This conversation actually happened.

Me: “Would you disown me completely if I dressed up for the Hunger Games?”

John: “No.” (he’s texting. I’m lucky if I get more than three words in reply.)

Me: “Okay great! Let’s go as Peeta & Katniss.”

John: “What the….” (see, less than three words)

So sadly to say there will be no dressing up for the Hunger Games. Because I’m crazy, but not crazy enough to do it alone. I do think I’ll wear some dark clothing and braid my hair something crazy, but that’s it. I will have to beg my little sister to take lots of pictures of her costume. Apparently it’s going to be awesome.

I DID however convince John to go to the midnight showing with me. Well actually, I just bought the tickets and “surprised” him by taking him to the midnight showing. Which is probably flirting with the line between manipulation and a firm push in the right direction. I’m okay with that. It got me what I wanted. *clears throat and averts eyes guiltily*

Tonight, greek books in hand, sneak in popcorn and candy packed, at nine o’clock p.m., we’re hitting the theatre. To wait, for like three hours. Which is already a stretch for poor John. Us and all the teenie-boppers. And everybody else crazy enough to do it. Which includes my whole family. They’re going to see it in AZ at midnight (hence the dressing up on my sister’s part) which is technically 2 hours later than the Russos will see it in Texas. Why yes, yes I do intend on rubbing that in.

Let’s bask in Hunger Games glory, shall we?

Check out this map of the districts:


via this website You’ll have to know a little of the Hunger Games history to understand the breakdown. But I can totally understand why Distrcit 12 is coal. Just look at where it’s located.

I identified myself at thecapitol.pn

District 1: Luxury. Whew. That’s good because there ain’t no way on earth I’d be digging up coal.

And you can check out the books on amazon. If you haven’t read them, you are seriously missing out.

I digress.

May the odds be ever in your favor.