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…you make me feel as though SPRING has SPRUNG!


Those are all the words I know. Which is okay, because right now they are all I want to sing. Especially that SPRING has SPRUNG! (if you’re not understanding the all caps thing going on here then the rest of this post might not make any sense either.)

Not to beat a dead horse or anything, but I’m from Arizona. I like things HOT. So even though the winter here in the lone star state has been rather mild, it’s been way too cold for me. And windy. We know from this post that I don’t really care for cold or wind. However, when the temperature hits about 75-80 and the sun starts shining I get a hankering to sing about spring!!!

Altogether now! You make me feel so young…

*pauses while you finish*

Around villa Russo there is lots to do. Spring cleaning is coming up in April, my lover’s big two-seven is in May (read here about his birthday party) and that means birthday week, my friend over at chargedtolove will be coming for a visit, finals week, Easter (this year we’re celebrating the resurrection of our Lord for the whole week) and the warrior dash. Not to mention a bachelorette party and a couple of big projects. Whew. I feel like spring is already over and it hasn’t even started yet.

In truth, it has I guess started. Because I did this:

My first spring project of the year!!!! *happy dancing*

AND! It went off without a hitch. That’s never happened to me. They turned out just the way I thought they would. White & crisp, and the blossoms (I went fake from Joann’s) are exactly what I wanted. I’m elated. Things like this never work out for me. At least not the first time around.

I think the photo is self-explanatory, but just in case the following is a little photo-filled tute for ya’.


-clear IBC cream soda bottles (or any glass bottle will work)

-white spray paint

-Blossoms of choice (50% off from Joann’s? I think yes.)


Make sure bottles are cleaned out and dry.

I have five bottles because my lover accidentally threw out one of them before I got to it. Turns out that’s okay because it looks perfect with the odd-numbered five bottles.

Now take your spray paint. I used Rustoleum’s semi-gloss in white. I wanted it to have almost a clay-pot like finish to it instead of a super glossy ceramic finish. And also that’s what I had on hand and I’m too cheap/lazy to go out and get anything else.

The nice thing about spray painting bottles is you can line them all up on your protective sheet and just go to town.

Your mantra here should THIN AND EVEN. Repeat that to yourself over and over. Otherwise, disaster will strike. And trust me, I know about disaster. Just not with this project. Did I mention that this project went off without a hitch? Your goal here is to mist the bottles with paint. Don’t worry if your first coat looks like this:

Once you’ve gone over them with 2-3 mistings, the numbering on the bottle will disappear and it will be solid white.

Now the blossoms were exactly what I wanted. Something tall, slender, and colorful. Definitely something that would sing my spring song. And these did that. I walked to the floral section and they were already getting warmed up. I did luck out here in that all of these blossoms came on one stem. I had to get hubbers to chop it up for me. He’s so obliging. What a sweetheart.

And voila!

They are so perfect in the kitchen.

And either my lover hasn’t noticed yet that they’re pink, or he truly doesn’t mind. I’m betting he doesn’t realize they’re pink. Finally, color-blindness works in my favor!

And if you’ve got a hankerin’ for more spring-ness, check out Kasey over at …the Stewarts. Seriously, the woman has spring in her blood. Her picture-frame-turned-wreath is to die for!