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So I have a confession. I love all seasons. And just about all holidays. Except Halloween. Whose idea was that anyway?? I came to this realization the other night when I was skyping with a sweet friend. I made the flat “I love spring” comment followed quickly by the “I love Easter” comment. At which point I realized that I say “I love (insert holiday/time of year/weather condition here)” about once  a week. Christmas does kind of trump the others, but they’re all in the running for a close second.

This year I was thinking about all the effort I put into Christmas. Friends, I try to keep myself contained until Thanksgiving, but sometimes it is so hard. That’s another tale for another time, the point I’m trying to make is that this year I decided to take time out to celebrate Jesus resurrection, just as I make time to celebrate his birth. I decorated for Easter, and my lover and I are taking time each day to do something in anticipation of Easter. For example, Sunday we attended church and I got the decorations up. Monday we had lamb and unleavened bread. Tuesday was a down night (I couldn’t come up with something for every night.) Wednesday we are working on a “prayer tree” (details to come.) Thursday we’re going to spend time in prayer (hopefully even in the garden on campus.) Friday we are going to fast for the first half of the day (pray for me, for I dearly love food.) Saturday we will spend with my grandparents, and hopefully be making some resurrection rolls. Sunday, of course, will be church again. And more time with family celebrating the resurrection of our Lord!

That’s the plan anyway. If you know me, you know that plans aren’t exactly my forte, so we’ll see how the rest of the week goes. For now, I want to tell you (and show you!) about Monday night. Our lamb and unleavened bread.

I was inspired by passion week. One of the things that Jesus did during passion week was to celebrate passover with His disciples. We are by no means Jews. Not even close. If you’ve ever seen my glow-in-the-dark white skin you would understand what I mean by not even close. However, since it was something that Jesus would have participated in, I wanted to maybe recreate something similar at least to what they would have eaten. Keep in mind that this is only similar to what is eaten at passover. If you’re interested in learning more about Passover and how it got started you can read Exodus 11 &12 here.

For our meal I used the unleavened bread recipe here and the lamb recipe found here. The only change I made was using half a red onion instead of shallots in the lamb recipe. But before we got started, I decorated our table:

 I’ll have to tell you about the eggs in the bowl later. They were SO simple to do and I think they make such a festive addition to the house. The paper banner was simple to make too. I just cut out paper in different shapes in three sizes and stacked them. Then used a stencil to color in the letters. This would be a fun kids craft if you had all their paper cut out and then let them write in the letters. Each letter is stapled onto curling ribbon on the back.

 We have wanted to make sure each night is special, so we dressed up for our dinner. Which for me means trying to tame my crazy hair with a big-bowed headband:

 The food. was. delicious. If lamb were cheaper, we would eat it every week. And then die an early read-meat death. And it would be totally worth it. Because it’s delicious. You can refer to the recipe above if you’re wanting to make your own lamb chops. They should look something like this:

 I think the red onions add just the right amount of color. And the flavor was amazing. The sauce was perfect for dipping the unleavened bread into. It turned out looking like this:

 It was a great bread for dipping. I will probably make it again to go with roast or anything else with lots of delicious juices. It’s pretty bland on its own. If you follow the link from above you’ll see it only has 3 ingredients, none of which are salt. Blaaaaaaaand. But the texture was wonderful and it really was delicious when dipped in the balsamic reduction from the lamb.

Ole’ Johnny-boy enjoyed it too. He’d probably be okay with an all-lamb diet if I let him.

So that’s the start of our Easter week! I’m really nosey, so dish and tell what your big plans are for Easter! Any delicious hams waiting to be cooked? What about egg hunts? Do you think it would be weird if I, as a 20-something year old, was to do an egg hunt? Probably would be weird. That’s a bummer.