I’m going to start referring to my home as a villa. Because I live in the hood, and it would be ironic. Also, it would make me feel much better about the was-cool-in-1960-when-they-built-it design choices we got going on. You’ll see what I mean in a minute.

Now that you know that I’ll be referring to my home as villa russo, I must tell you that I decorated! Shocker, I know. Villa russo is now decorated for Easter! Wanna see what I did? Well, let’s start with a tutorial…


-Plastic eggs (dollar tree, or Joann’s while they’re 50% off)

-Spray adhesive

-Glitter (does anyone else hear a mystical whoosh & tinkling bells when they say the word glitter? No? Oh. Guess that’s just me.)


I got a great pack of glitter (mystical whoosh) in several different colors from Joann’s. Each color had plenty of glitter (mystical whoosh) for two eggs in corresponding colors, with a little left over.


Step 1) Make sure you have lots of space covered with a sheet (I used my painting sheet) and some pieces of blank paper to catch the extra glitter (tinkling bells) and to set the eggs on when spraying. Trust me, having the paper behind the egg when you spray will save you big time when it comes to clean-up.

Step 2) Get comfy, open up your first pack of glitter (I matched each egg with the same color glitter) set aside but within reaching distance, and then spray the first half of your egg. Immediately sprinkle with glitter. Spray adhesive dries pretty quickly, so you will have to do this one egg at a time. It should look about like this:

Half sparkly goodness, half “wow. a cheap plastic egg.” I was pretty rough when handling mine, to ensure that as much of the extra glitter came off as possible. Set your egg sparkly side down on paper, spray the other side, and repeat glitter. Tap the whole thing nice and hard to get rid of excess, and set aside to finish drying.

Step 3) Finish each egg one at a time, preferably while watching hilarious comedian Brian Reagan on Netflix. Trust me, he helps break up the monotony of glittering a dozenish eggs.

You’re done.

See how simple? You can do this, I know you can!

Thanks to my adorable father-in-law and his sweet wife I have the perfect trifle bowl to display my new beauties in.

I know you saw them in yesterday’s post. I admit it, they did get moved to the kitchen. It needed a little Easter love in there.

Of course if you’re taking away one awesome decoration you have to bring in something else. So I scoured pinterest until I found this:

I found this wonderful (free!) print over at if i could… via pinterest. She has other printables there too so you might want to take a second to check her out.

I also found this one:

 You can find the Happy Easter print here. Can you see what I’m talking about when I say our house is filled with looked-good-in-1960-when-they-built it decor? That tile. Is yellow. Not even really yellow, more like mustard. And I recently came to the realization that the mustard wall tile and the mustard floor tile are different. One has a pattern, one is smooth. Somebody had to be smoking dope when they made that decision. I’m sure of it. If you can’t see what I mean check this photo out:

 BAM! Mustard tile. In yo’ face! Although I must say it’s looking like a pretty happy corner right now with the Easter print and the blooming rose. That rose is from the only thing I have ever planted and kept alive. Despite my multiple attempts at starting a garden. Which is kind of a downer note to leave you one, but I must digress. What fun Easter decor have you got going on? Any ideas I can steal for next year??