Good morning! I want to introduce you today to the amazing Aunt Patty. I’ve only know this woman for a short time, but I am so blessed by her sweet spirit and amazing energy. She is my lover’s aunt, which means we’re related! I think her topic today is so appropriate, this being friendship friday and all. Here’s what she has to say:

I just love Elesea soooooo much!  She is my friend!  We don’t live close, but when we are together we pick up right where we left off and start right in on fashion!  I am way her senior but I always press her on where she gets her clothes and want to dress and look  just like her!  She is stylin.  She is my young precious friend.  I have another friend that has been my friend for years.  When we get together we are all history!  Our children grew up together. We worked together.  She is my friend.  I have another friend that is my laughing friend.  When we are together we are just plain silly.  When we leave each other, our sides are killing us! She is my friend.  One day I was upset about another friendship that I was becoming disenchanted with, and I thought “You are burdening this friend with having to be every kind of friend in one person!”  That thought has been both a challenge and encouragement to me.  I have enjoyed my relationships so much more!  Now, my friendships are unencumbered and free from unrealistic expectations.  Each one adds her own personality and relationship to the joy of being – friends!


Thank you so much Aunt Patty for guest posting. And thanks for reminding us to enjoy our friendships! Have a great weekend friends!