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Yep. For all those out there thinking “that can’t be Elesea. She’s way too girly for that” well think again! And that includes my husband, who said “i don’t know what little miss can’t-leave-the-house-without-perfect-nails thinks she’s doing.”

Honestly, I don’t know what came over me. At Christmas my sister was talking about these obstacle course race thingeys, and next thing I knew I was home registering for one. My equally fun and adventurous friend decided to do it with me. Because what fun is mud if you’re crawling in it by yourself?

You can read all about the warrior dash here or you can just read on for my version of our adventure!

***disclaimer: warrior dash provides its participants with beer upon race completion. Because of our convictions, and also because of a covenant we signed with the school when my lover started studying here, we declined the proffered alcoholic beverage***

One thing about the warrior dash you should know right off the bat is that those putting on the race encourage you to be as ridiculous as possible. Part of your race packet includes a t-shirt and a viking hat (no joke.) They award for most ridiculous costume and at some point I’m pretty sure I heard karaoke. So in the spirit of warriors, we did this:

ehem, YES that is my warrior face. And yes, I’m doing everything I can not to bust up laughing.

Here’s a detail shot:

I got up that morning and just starting braiding. The above photo resulted. And my darling friend provided feathers, face paint (including glitter, since all warrior sparkle, right?) and head wrap. Lookin’ fierce.

We took our respective husbands to photograph the monumental occasion. Which meant we ended up with a couple of these:

Remember how that one time I told you that my lover and I get super awkward in front of the camera? This time it was no different. Sometimes I think I’ll burn these pictures and hide the evidence, but then I realize that I would have to burn every picture taken of me. Ever. So I just leave it and go on about my awkward life.

Back to the race, it was unbelievably fun. Tough, but fun. I know if we do it again next year how I’ll train differently. For starters, I’ll run outside more. All these months of treadmill running came to nothing when I got out there. Also I think I’ll find some bleachers and do some up-down jogging. To get used to more uneven terrain. The months leading up to the dash I worked out my arms to be ready for the obstacles, but I should still have been paying more attention to my legs. They felt like jello after the first mile.

My favorite part of the race? Carbing the night before. Mmmmhmmmm, pasta! Am I the only one who thinks the best part of a 5k is the food? I can’t be. There are other foodies out there like me, I just know it.

Toughest part of the race? The “shower” afterwards. For these reasons: A) there was a man dressed as a gorilla. weird. B) the water smelled like cow poo. C) we were herded in there like cattle D) we were standing in a virtual lake while they hosed us off with fire hoses. E) the water was so strong you couldn’t open your eyes for fear of losing an eyeball. So at one point I was quite possibly groping a stranger in an effort to collect my bearings. Ask my running partner. At one point I was calling out her name just to see if she was still there.

I wish I could remember all the obstacles. There were trenches, fire-house poles, barbed wire, a lake, fire, and mud. Just to name a few. Defeated them all. Like a boss. And all under an hour.

So that’s all folks. I’ll leave you with these fun moments from our day.

And for anyone wanting to embark on their own warrior adventure click here.

Update: Official time was 53:01.55. Well under an hour. Mission accomplished.