I thought of many titles for this post. Stressors in our marriage, why you can’t walk around our house barefoot, it’s organized chaos, back off buddy your house isn’t that great either. Any choice would have worked. But I think it’s fun when a blog title ends in a question mark, so why have one when you can have five?

This is mindless chatter. Because today’s post is quite photo-driven, and I want to build up your suspense. Also I need to apologize profusely. Last week I promised a bedroom inspiration post full of pinteresty goodness, and I have not delivered. I’m still planning on writing one up, so you can see where we’re going with this mess, but alas I have nothing to show for it. Just empty promises. Like broken water vessels sent to the trash. Like a balloon that’s been popped. Like my wallet after a trip to a shoe store. That kind of an empty promise. But I will make this right. I will repair your water vessel. I will get you a new balloon. Payday will come after that trip to the shoe store. Just you wait and see.

Now that you have ants-in-your-pants and are (surely) waiting breathlessly to see this awesome post, let me give you a back story. I have a disease. It’s pretty serious. It’s called cantfinishaprojectitis. It’s chronic and there is no cure in sight. I have it pretty bad. Also I like to work on multiple projects at once. Because why have one when you can have five? See, told you this blog title was perfect. Long story short, there are always at least five(ish) projects going on at once at Casa Russo.  At least. And they are all life-changing, this-is-the-big-one projects. Since you may not believe me, I wanted to catch on film some of the highlights of my night last night. Just so you know I am 100% telling the truth. Ready?

Project #1: Terra Cotta pots I’m in the middle of painting blue and filling with pretty little white flowers. We spent an hour in Lowe’s talking about this and picking out pots/colors/flowers. More on this to come.

Project #2: Soap! Isn’t this cool? We’re making our own soaps. Experimentally of course. After showing John that a bottle of tide detergent cost twelve Washingtons (that’s dollars folks) he was totally on board. I made liquid hand soap, laundry detergent and dishwasher soap. Keep you posted on how this goodness turns out.

Project #3: This is actually my longest running project currently underway. Like, since the beginning of March long. And I can’t tell you anything about it. That would ruin the surprise. It should be finished soon, we’ll have a nice long how-to and reveal post then.

Project #4: My lover’s carnival. Oiy. This is kind of more like a bajillion projects rolled into one. There are lots of elements to a good theme party, and they’re coming together piece by piece.

 Project #5: Glass etching. I like to do glass etching because when I’m juggling five projects one of them has to be a corrosive chemical. It’s like the 4th law of nature or something.

You may be asking yourself how I keep this all organized, do I forget projects, do projects ever get finished. The answers are I don’t yes and yes. Our house is cyclical. It goes in this constant cycle of clean, projects, cleaning process, clean. Right now it’s in cleaning process. This stage is when I finish projects and restore order. It will be clean around the time of John’s carnival, and then head into the projects stage again. So on and so on.

And yes my lover hates it. It’s a good thing he loves me so much. It makes him good at ignoring the chaos.

If you’re also suffering from cantfinishaprojectitis, know that I understand. That I care. Maybe we could start a support group? Surround ourselves with people just like us? That sounds healthy, right?