Birthdays are a big deal at Villa Russo. Like, bigger than the release of The Hobbit this December a trip to my favorite frozen yogurt place. Which is kind of big deal guys. You have no idea how much I love frozen yogurt. And birthdays are more important than that.

This year ol’ lover boy turned the big 2-7. Which I affectionately tell him means he’s in his late 20s. Half way to 54. Basically one foot in the grave. 🙂

Pray for him. I am so very hard to live with.

Birthday week started on Sunday. You see, in our house you don’t get a birthDAY. You get a birthWEEK. Because one day is just not enough time for all the super fun things I want to do for him. You know his birthday is all about me and what I want to do. I just drag him along for the fun. So back to my story, birthday week started Sunday. With Cici’s Pizza.

I’m not even joking. That is where he wanted to go. Thankfully, we have really great friends who are willing to play along. So Cici’s it was. I must admit, it was delicious. I love their buffalo wing pizza. John loves their alfredo pizza. It was a win-win.

Monday John came out of the house like this:

And he’s making that face because of this:

Sadly, he didn’t get honked at. Was really hoping he would. Because that would have made my birthday week. I had to get up early (!) to get his car rolled, and he really appreciated my expression of love. I just know he did.

On Tuesday I let him pick his birthday dinner. I offered to make Cajun food, but he instead opted for stuffed pork chops and roasted potatoes. I’ll be honest, I made the potatoes up on the spot. He kept going on and on about these delicious potatoes I make, and how much he loves them. I had ZERO idea what potatoes he was talking about. I tried everything. Even asking a friend if we had ever talked about potatoes. Nothing. Zip. Zilch. Nada. Therefore, I made something up. I did my best based on the description he gave me. They were good, but I’m still not sure they’re what he was looking for. Oh well. I made up for it with pork chops whose insides oozed with basil pesto and feta. Score one for the wifey.

Wednesday lover woke up to this:

27 balloons. I woke up (early again) and blew up 27 balloons, each one with a note inside that said something sweet. They ranged from “happy birthday” to “i love your blue eyes” to “you are such a man of God.” I asked him to pop each balloon to get to the lovey-dovey stuff inside.

Now I must stop for a moment. This is a friendly warning, one which I did not listen to myself. IF you ever want to do your own birthday week for someone you love, think really hard about what they would like. Also, don’t get attached to anything you do. Some things may not work out like you think. My lover didn’t outright tell me he hated the balloons, but I can tell he didn’t love them either. I thought for sure he would enjoy the sweet notes I left him. Fail. He just got annoyed with the balloons and all the popping and stuff. I had a hard time not getting my feelings hurt. He also chose that day to tell me he expected a massage to be part of birthday week. Which I did last year, and didn’t have planned for this year. Which sent me into hysterics. It was a long day. So take my advice, think long and hard before you take this on. It’s totally worth it, but you may have some rough days.

Okay depressing warning over. Let’s talk about Thursday. Actually, I’ll just show you this:

*sigh* Instagram you make my heart so happy. Like in that get emotional, daydreamy sort of way.

Now if you can’t tell, we went to Medieval Times, Dinner & Tournament. From our crowns you can see that we obviously had the black and white knight. We thought he was going to win. He was doing so well! When he fell, I was devastated. They do such a good job you really want your knight to win. I was impressed with the footwork the horses can do. I can’t even imagine the hours of work they put into training those horses to do all that fancy footwork.

Our waiter was fabulous. Very entertaining, he had a booming voice, long hair, and scraggly beard. Perfection. He even played a trick on John making him think he was spilling hot coffee all over John’s lap. I nearly died laughing. I had no idea my lover’s reflexes were THAT good.

The food was good too. There was a ton of it. Started with a tomato bisque that was to die for. Followed by half a chicken, potato wedges, and a spare rib. The verdict of the chicken: delicious. On the spare rib and potatoes? Well…you win some and lose some I guess. The last thing served was a yummy apple pastry thingamabob and coffee. I walked away satisfied. Lover was rolled out walked away engorged.

Friday was the big party. I can’t give away too many details, but I will whet your appetite with this:

I don’t usually post on the weekend unless I have a guest on Friday, but tomorrow may just be the one exception. I’ve already started the post about the carnival, and man, you just gotta see this.

Saturday rolled around with very little excitement. I gave John his card that I bought weeks before and forgot to give him on his birthday. We spent the evening celebrating a little bit more with sweet friends. I think girls rock at trivial pursuit. Argue with me if you must. The evening was wonderful, right up until John smashed a cupcake in my face. Dirty rat.

Lover milked his birthday out one last day on the following Sunday, and once again our precious friends obliged by making a lunch date out of Pancho’s. Apparently sopapillas are THE WAY to finish out birthday week in style. 🙂

Happy Birthday John! Hope it was a good one!