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Why hello there friends. Remember me? I like to blog. Occasionally I actually get off my tush, get my act together, and post something. Today is going to be one of those days.

Because I’m so excited! (And I just can’t hide it *weird dancing* I’m so excited!)

Ehem, move along folks, there’s nothing to see here.

Except THIS:

BAM! How ’bout them apples? All blue and nice. And I totally offered to buy orange flowers. More on that in a jiffy.

(Don’t you just love the word jiffy? I’m resurrecting it. Who’s with me?!?!?)

Focus. Focus. Focus. I’m so sorry. I’m trying really hard to stay on track here, but I’m suffering from temporary ADD. I can’t focus on a blooming thing for more than about 5 seconds. Which unfortunately is about how long it takes me to type a sentence. Also why I’ve now rambled on about nothing for 150 words.

Let’s launch into today’s tale, shall we?

It started when we got out of greek class. My lover had been anticipating summer (as was I) to be a time of projects. I launched an aggressive DIY/decorating attack on our bedroom a few weeks before school was out, which you can read about here and also here. We had pretty much caught the fixallthethings!! bug by the time I had the headboard done. We’ve managed to finish about a dozen one thing. I was tempted to lie to you there. I wish it we had a dozen things done in a month. But nope, we definitely just have one.

Our adventure started with a trip to Lowe’s. Which is almost as bad as Hobby Lobby for me. I go in for one thing, and come out with ten. I would like to buy one of everything they have in there, but since I have no place to store a ten-foot tool chest my wallet is out of danger. For now. Since this was our project my lover came along for the shopping trip. Which also helps keep my wallet out of danger. He’s a lot better on getting what he came for and leaving. It’s weird.

Our adventure took us to the gardening center. Looking for terra cotta pots. Dude, there are like a bajllion variations of pots in the world. I couldn’t handle it. All kinds of sizes. Momma sized pots and daddy sized. And little baby sized pots. Skinny pots and fat pots. Pots that were shiny (ooohhh, shiny!) and pots that seriously needed to take a lesson from the shiny pots. It was like a shmorgusboard can’t spell the word I’m thinking but there was a lot of variety. We went with two large but very basic non-shiny orange pots. Bleh. Not exactly exciting. Next we went for paint. Wanted to know what we were working with before we argued for half an hour decided on flowers. This was the one:

It was glorious. Love at first sight for both of us. I walked around the store petting it. John was embarrassed. Too bad, he’s stuck with me for life. Paint can petting and all. I’ve taken to buying the sample size for projects. It pretty much always turns out to be just the right amount. For 3 Georges. That’s $3 folks.

I also swiped some spray primer from the shelf while we were down there. Because the next thing we were doing was heading back down to the garden center to get flowers. This is the part where I offered to buy orange flowers.

You see, whether on purpose or on accident (accident on my part purpose on my lover’s? probably.) we had managed to pick up Florida Gator blue paint for our pots. Sorry dad. I know this makes me a traitor. It really is a gorgeous blue. The perfect pop for our otherwise beige/orange front porch. And what compliments Gator blue better than Gator orange?

Apparently white. Because lover snorted like orange flowers was the stupidest idea I’ve had. I’m not really so sure. I think I’ve had quite a few stupider ideas. He wanted these pretty little white flowers. Honestly, I couldn’t argue with him. They are lovely. So summery and sweet. We picked up a bunch. Took our bounty home (pots, primer, paint, roller, paint tray, and flowers) which is where I got down to business. Cue the photos:

It was simple to change those pots from adobe to bright blue. I used a spray primer because I thought that would give me the best hold. Next I rolled (I have the. cutest. miniature. roller) the blue paint on. Two coats. Nice, thin, and even coats, allowing a couple of hours of drying time in between each one. The last thing I did was spray the entire project with a water-resistant polyurethane coat. Two of those. To keep it nice and sealed, and our paint looking a happy blue forever and ever.

We already had plenty of dirt on hand. Due to a failed brocoli planting escapade. I destroyed that brocoli. Never had a fighting chance. That was due to my ineptitude at growing anything. So the dirt was good, the gardener was not. That also explains why the flowers are John’s project. I primed, painted, and sprayed. Lover planted, waters, and rotates. It’s a happy balance. We bought sixteen plants, eight for each pot. They look darling, I think. An easy project, and totally worth it for the statement they make.

Oh, and I must tell you how special you are. I cleaned our front door. Just for these photos. It still looks rough, but trust me it looked waaaaaay worse before I cleaned it. Now you only have to look at a moderately dirty door, and not a completely filthy one. You’re welcome. 🙂