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Now before we get started you should know that nobody died in our apartment. As I was looking back at the photos from this project I couldn’t help but be reminded of a chalk outline from a murder scene. Or at least be reminded of an episode of C.S.I. where they have a chalk outline of a murder scene. I wanted to relieve any concern you may have that this post included death before you see my little project.

And now that I’ve started out morbidly and scared off anyone who might have otherwise been interested in a fake sheepskin throw I’ll get to it.

At Villa Russo our goal is to have a living room that looks modern but warm. Not easy, since most modern pieces have funky shapes and are made of odd materials. We do want crisp edges and fun pieces, lots of color and a very welcoming atmosphere. Since it’s the space that presents us as a couple to anyone who enters our home, the deal we struck is that John gets veto power on anything placed in this room. That being said, this little project currently lives on the back of the couch, but its stay may be cut short by mad with power veto-holding John. I love it. You must tell me what you think. As long as you agree with me, and I can use it as ammunition when world war 3 breaks out in our house over lamby. Deal?

Have I kept you in suspense long enough? You want to see what I’ve had up my sleeve this weekend?

Do you really want to see it?

You’ll have to wait!

Because I have to tell you all about it first. It would be cutting major corners if I let you see the finished product without making you endure 500 words on how to outline a dead body cut  out fabric and apply fray-stopper.

Let’s start back at Joann’s fabric store. Once upon a time, I walked into Joann’s. I was looking for burlap. Which is stinkin’ hard to find. I walked up and down (what I thought was) every aisle of fabric and still had to ask for help finding it. The burlap is another story for another time, but you need to know that I was looking for it because you need to know that in the 20 minutes I spent looking for burlap I managed to come across faux-fur. I died. Well not exactly died but my insides did this floppy-feeling stuff and my brain got all befuzzled and the next thing I knew, I was walking out with not only burlap but one teensy little yard of faux sheepskin. No harm in that, right? It’s a tiny little bit. I paid for it with a coupon. My lover would have to let me keep it, right?


He was mad. He rolled his eyes a lot. I can’t be completely sure, but there might have been steam rolling out of his ears. He definitely did not love the idea of faux sheepskin. But as with everything else, I just giggled and went ahead with it anyway. I was confident once he saw what I was up to he would also love it.

That’s when I named it lamby. Once you have a name, you’re attached and there’s just no option but to keep it.

So I gathered my supplies

Turns out I needed more supplies than this, but to start with I just needed three things. Wrapping paper, fabric, and scissors. I made out lucky like a four leaf clover that my wrapping paper and my fabric were within two inches of the same width. My wrapping paper was just a smidge wider. I rolled out one yard of paper, and got to eyeballing. That’s what I do best.

I ended up with this:

Doesn’t it just remind you of a body outline? Dun DUn DUN!!! Creeeepppyy!

Anyways, as you can see, it took some trial and error to get an outline I was happy with. I used a sharpie on the back side of the wrapping paper and drew what I basically wanted. Then I continued tweaking my original outline until I got fairly even arms and a proportionate head-like area. It didn’t have to be completely symmetrical, but I didn’t want one arm to be twice as long as the other or the head too shrunken or something strange like that. To make sure I cut along the correct outline I darkened my final choice and followed that one. No problem. Easy as pie.

Cutting out the fabric was easy as pie too. Easy as apple pie, or cherry if that’s your thing. I used a handful of straight pins to attach the wrapping paper to the wrong side of the fabric at key points. For example, at the end of each arm/leg and at least once down the longs sides. I was a little more careful here to get nice even cuts, but still just following the general outline.

So then I threw it on the couch. I was so happy. There was picture taking. LOTS of picture taking. A lot of cooing and “say cheese!” We even went all paparazzi with a little “over here!” and “over here lamby” and “you’re beautiful baby!” I ended up with quite a few hello-gorgeous-can-I-get-your-number shots.

And then disaster struck.

Something happened that I wasn’t quite planning on. Lamby started to shed. Bad. All over the floor, me, lover. She wasn’t exactly winning points with him. And we needed this to go well or she’d be gone forever.  So I did something to fix it. Of course, in my panicked state of mind I got no pictures of the process. At all. However since it’s basically a repeat of the above directions with glue, I think you’ll understand. I set lamby fluff side down on my painting sheet, and spray adhesived the living daylights out of her edges. Then I took some scrap white fabric (which thankfully was large enough) and laid it down on top of her. That means lamby’s bad side was facing the white fabric. I pressed down firmly, and let her dry for hours. Then I took my new friend Mr. Fray Stop and pressed a line of him into the place where the two fabrics met, following with a swipe of my finger to ensure it was pressed into the fabrics and giving a seamless bond. Once it dried, I simply trimmed the white fabric down so it couldn’t be seen peeking out from beneath lamby.

Miraculously, it solved the problem. She hasn’t shed a bit. Hurrah! I can go back to lovingly stroking her soft fluffy side and admiring her on the back of the couch for years to come.

Total cost for faux sheepskin throw you ask? Well it was only going to be $4 since I bought the fabric at Joann’s with a coupon, but the bottle of fray stop ran me and extra $3 so the total comes out to $7. I can handle that. Where else am I going to pay $7 for a nice big sheepskin? Nowhere. The answer is nowhere.

Isn’t she lovely?