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I thought “this happened” would be the best blog post title ever.

It is. Or it was. Apparently it was so genius that I’ve used it once before. Here when I talked about the warrior dash.

*grins sheepishly*

Therefore, I have decided to entitle this post “this happened: second edition.”

Because we need to talk about how I’m a boss at running.

*more sheepish grinning*

Actually we just need to talk about how I love to have a good time, and if I happen to get a little exercise in then I can’t help that. We need to talk about how this happened:

That’s right. This is me, and these are my serious, hardcore, don’t-take-no-for-an-answer friends. We are bad to the bone. Need proof?

Yep. That’s how me and my girls rollll. Peace to ya homies.

So if you’ll notice in that second picture we are pristine. We sparkle. Our bleach white t-shirts were dimmed only by our dazzling white teeth. That’s what you call clean folks. That’s what you call pre Color Me Rad. Want to see more?

Back off ladies, he’s mine.

See? Clean as a whistle. We were just swimming in a sea of white. Ready to run the Color Me Rad 5K. We had trained for months. We were hardcore. We bought race gear.


Only one of us trained. And she did crazy things like get up early and quote Michael Phelps and stuff. And when I say race gear, I mean colored mascara. Because you cannot run without colored mascara. It’s like a rule somewhere or something.

We were however rather excited to get our run on and couldn’t wait to start out. White as we were to start that was all about to change…


I left, looking like one of those toothpaste commercials. I returned, well, not so toothpaste-ey. I tell you it was one of the. funnest. things. ever. There was color at every turn. Throughout the race participants run through different “stations” each throwing/spraying a different color. There was red, orange, pink, yellow, blue, green. You pick a color, you got it on you. Look at this madness:

Now let me tell, my lover could not get enough of this all-out color extravaganza. I could tell. By the way he twitched like a dying fish any time I touched him. The weird way he wrinkled his nose. The eye-rolling. Those are all signs that he is having a good time. 😉

On the only serious note I’m adding to this, I did feel really great when the race was over. So much different than my last 5K, where I was completely worn out by the end. I actually feel empowered, and have been running a couple of times since. Slow and steady wins the race, mind you, but I have been getting out and moving and it feels great.

Stay tuned for the art I plan to make out of my t-shirt. John’s going to love it too, I am certain (SO much eye-rolling.)

Anybody else have fun fall activities? Maybe a colorful race is coming your way soon? Where my turkey trotters at? Word.