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 I am so excited to get started with this fall’s guest posts. I have some wonderful ladies (and maybe a gent or two along the way) who I know you will just love hearing from. Today’s guest is pretty awesome. She ran the Color Me Rad 5K with me a couple of weeks ago. She’s one awesome mom. I could gush on and on about her forever, but I know you would skip over anything I said to get to the main post, so without further ado…


Hi! My name is Lauren and I am obsessed with little girl hair bows. When I had my first little girl I went into ultra girlie mode and wanted her to be “glamified” (sure, that’s a word) at all times.  So I put every style bow on her you could imagine. I fell in love and have been sticking with the fabric flowers though. I LOVE these! They are “vintagey” and “mix-matchy”. I started using them just for her hair bows, but then realized I could put these on ANYTHING and it automatically gave the item a whole new look! So I am here to show you how to make a simple fabric flower that you can use not just for kids hair bows but for anything your mind comes up with. Here we go…

First gather all materials:

  • A piece of fabric
  • A piece of burlap (to add a touch of fall)
  • A button
  • Tape measure
  • Needle and thread
  • Scissors

Next measure a strip of your fabric (not burlap) 20” long and 3” high.

Once you have that cut out, fold your fabric in half. Wrong sides together like so :

Now you are going to do a running (I think that’s what it’s called) stitch along the creased end. (If you didn’t want a frayed looking flower to would stitch the fray side together) And pull the thread as you stitch so it started to ruffle. Like so:

When you get to the end you want to secure it by a few stitches in the middle. I just randomly put stitches in places so it would hold. You don’t have to worry about it looking nice because it is all frayed anyway. It makes it more “vintagey” 😉 It should look like this:

Now take your burlap and cut an odd shape out that is a bit larger than your flower – (I just free-handed because I am too lazy to measure anything!) It will look something like this:

Now take your flower and burlap and secure with a button of your choice. It will turn out like this:

Whaa-laa! Your completed flower! Now to my favorite part, four different ways you can use this.

Add to a wreath with a little hot glue .                      Love it!

On a decorative item you want to dress up in your home.

As a Brooch (secure with a safety pin)

Add to a hairband for a hair bow!

I hope you enjoy finding ways to use this flower!

 Go ahead and check Lauren out at love:the journey to see how she rolls.