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Is that how you spell peasy? Is peasy even a real word? It is now.

Let me tell you all about my awesome autumn craft!!!!

***jumps around on toes excitedly while waving hands in air***

I really love this one, because I totally used something I already had and tweaked it just enough to take it from a happy little spring project, to the roaring lion of an autumn craft that it now is. You can check out the details (it’s really quite easy) for that spring craft here but here’s a photo to help jog your memory.

SO, for this fast and easy changer-roo gather your supplies:

-Two different fall themed papers of your choice (I found mine at Michael’s)

-Template, die cut, or a steady hand to cut out shapes



-Glitter (not pictured)

Very thin cardboard (not pictured, but you’ll see it in a minute)


1) Trace and cut out your letters. I chose to use the word “autumn” instead of the word “fall” because it was longer and there could be more glitter. And everything is better with more glitter. I traced my letters on to cardboard backwards, so once I cut it out and flipped it over there would be no ink on the front side.

Not all of these letters really made any difference, but the “u” and “n” did. So keep that in mind. I found it easiest to whip out the exacto-knife to trace these puppies out. I was not going to attempt doing it with scissors. There were simply too many corners and weird curves for me to do it with scissors.

Once I had them all cut out, they looked like alphabet soup. Only not delicious. I don’t know about you, but cardboard is not appetizing.

Already so cute!

2) Next swipe on some modge podge, just on the side you want to sparkle.

3) Sprinkle with glitter. Be generous but reasonable.

Now while that dries move to the next step.

4) Cut paper. Here’s what I had:

The leaves were an obvious choice, and I just loved the old handwritten letter look of the other paper. I knew already that I wanted to leaves to be the perfect circle that I built on, and for the other paper I bought this:

(all my love and a million hugs and kisses to whoever noticed my bomb-dot-com striped nails)

My plan was to have a large circle of the leaf paper, then do a quick cut-out of the other paper and stack the two before adhering the letter. Ready for the whomp-whomp?

The letter is really way too big for that plan to work the way I saw it in my head. That letter is kind of overpowering the paper underneath, and that’s not really what I wanted. So, I improvised.

I actually rather like the solution. It didn’t turn out exactly how I first intended for it to, but I like the change. Which is totally different from most of my improvisations, the kind that usually end with me throwing myself on the bed weeping and swearing that I’ll never craft again no matter how long I live. I’ll chalk this one up to success.

5) Stack your papers in the arrangement you want, and using your favorite adhesive (tape in my case) attach them to one another. Take your now dry letters, and do the same. I found that I needed to whip out the hot glue gun for the letters, they were just a bit heavy for tape.

6) Marvel at how awesome your craft already looks.

7) Take the bottles from the spring, punch a hole in each medallion, and using twine attach each letter to a bottle by tying the string around the bottle neck.

8) Do some drooling over how great these turned out. Take pictures.

So there’s my version of the twist you can put on something to make it useable for ALL seasons. Now I’ll just have to come up with the perfect Christmas project to do to the bottles next…