Home {the place in which one’s domestic affections are centered} 

I believe Webster has it right. Home is where we are centered. It’s where we go when we need to feel like we belong. Home should be a place of rest and comfort. Those that enter should feel renewed and at peace. Our home should also be a reflection of who we are when we are at our best and worst. This means not putting up airs that our life is perfect, but sharing how God has worked in every situation for our good.

I love that God leaves it to us women to create this atmosphere. And although I think that a home environment is as much about the spiritual aspect as the physical, I wanted to share a few simple ways I have used to create a warm welcoming atmosphere in our home.

 A clean house: While I don’t believe that our homes need to be immaculate, I do think as a general rule they should be kept tidy. As a homeschooling mom with four children, I definitely know the challenges of this. It’s not my nature to be neat. But I try to always have the two main rooms in our house picked up, the main living room and the kitchen. These are the first rooms you see when you enter the house, and most likely the only rooms a visitor will see.  

Smells: Smells have the power to change moods. They can create an atmosphere all on their own. I use essential oils, candles, fresh flowers, and spices in our home depending on the season. In the spring and summer I like to keep it light with flowers and clean smelling scents, in the fall and winter I like heavier warm scents. When it’s cold outside I especially love to simmer some orange peels and cinnamon sticks with spices on the stove. Check out a recipe for that here.

 Food: What man doesn’t like to come home to a home cooked meal? I find that this is easiest to make happen when I plan a menu for the week. If it’s down in writing it’s more likely to happen. And isn’t it nice to have a go- to dessert on hand when company comes by? Once every few months, I whip up a huge batch of cookie dough and freeze it, so that I can throw a few cookies in the oven if I ever need a last minute dessert.

 Textures: I once read that throw pillows on couches make guest feel more comfortable. I don’t know if it’s true but I think I tend to agree. It gives us something to cozy up to on the couch. The Thrifty Décor chick makes it look so easy to whip them up, if your like me on a tight budget and in need of something easy. I also like to see fun textured blankets thrown over couches or chairs as well. If you have hardwood floors a large rug will make the room look warmer and cozier.

Things that are special to us: Everyone of us has a unique style and the things in our house say something about who we are. I love walking into peoples houses and getting a glimpse at their personalities by what they choose to display. If family is important to you, then display their pictures. If you were given a special gift or have favorite books put them in a place that others can enjoy them as well.  

Sara at Living Classical does a great job of displaying her favorite things

 I can’t leave a discussion about our home without discussing the most important part of what makes our houses homes. Our attitudes.

So many of us use our homes as dumping grounds, while it should be considered a safe place to be ourselves, we should not be dragging the dirt of the world into our sanctuary. Our home should be one of joy. There should be laughter and forgiveness, love and peace. When they are away, our families should look forward to returning.


What is the of atmosphere is in your home?