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This could be a chandelier maybe? Or art? It hangs from the light in our bedroom, so I don’t really know if it qualifies as art. It’s like a fabric chandelier. Ish. I’m telling you, add “ish” to end of anything and it automatically becomes legit. At least here on this blog it does.

I think the last time I said anything about the bedroom was here where I redid our headboard. I also did a post about whitewashing our dresser and you can see here a collection of inspiration for our neutral-infused bedroom. I tell you, it’s nearly done. I’m thinking my push for the next couple of weeks will be to finish some of the details and get you a big reveal post. I am in love. It is SO neutral and pretty!

But on to this thing. It ends looking like this:

Mwahahahaha!!! I’m never going to show a wide shot of the bedroom until the big reveal!

Ehem. Excuse my maniacal laugh. I’m trying to build suspense until I show the bedroom on this internet-wide forum. It’s like a virtual drum-roll.

Start with supplies.


-Big girl tools, aka pliers and wire cutters

-Simple floral wire, silver if probably the best choice

-A variety of fabrics. Of course, I went neutral. My variety came from the textures and the shades of whites and grays.


-Cut and/or tear your fabrics into strips. Mine were about two inches wide or so. If you are a perfectionist, this is a good time to stretch yourself by trying hard to make them as imperfect as possible. The less uniform the better here. I didn’t worry a bit about making sure they were all the same lenght or width or anything. Just make sure they are approximately the same length and approximately the same width. APPROXIMATELY.

-Now comes time to play with your wire. I measured mine out to where my wire would just barely sit over the edge of the light. You want your wire to be fairly tight, so your chandelierish won’t sag. But keep in mind that you will have to manuever it to hang. Once you have measured it out, shape it into a circle and twist the ends together.

-So next I decided about how low I wanted the fabric to hang from the light. Now, we have a glass cover on our bedroom light. Maybe I should have said that first. My chandelierish is not hanging against a bare bulb. I wouldn’t recommend that. Fire hazard and all. But our cover sits far enough away from the bulb that it doesn’t get too hot and the fabric is never in contact with anything hot. I’m not really much of a pyro so I hope not to be setting anything on fire any time soon. I wanted my fabric to be a decent distance from my light, so I measure that out and then cut six lengths of wire. Three across in both directions. I should have taken more pictures because this explanation is long, but after attaching everything it should look like this:

It almost looks like a weird basket at this point.

-The next step is tying on all the different fabrics. Now some of these aren’t hard at all, and some of them you will want to light on fire and throw from a 10-story building. I’m not even exaggerating. The stiffer fabrics especially can be hard to tie on. But you must persevere!

The first couple of time are the hardest. The wire is flimsy and hard to control without any weight on it. Just keep going, eventually you will end up with this:

-The next step is hanging it from the light. Thankfully because the wire is so flexible you can manipulate and move it around until the chandelierish hangs just right. And voila!