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Y’all, I am not outdoorsy.

Not in the least.

However, for whatever reason, I love going camping. Absolutely can’t-wait-to-go-again-why-don’t-we-just-live-in-a-tent love it. I don’t know why. Maybe it’s because I love to escape from reality? Or because I’m mentally prepared to be filthy and smell like the woods? Or maybe I just really enjoy the pace of life when camping. Everything slows waaaaayyy dooowwnn. Whatever it is, I super duper love camping.

Recently I went camping. In case you hadn’t already guessed that 🙂 It was glorious. And now I’m here to share the pic-o-licious details. Ehem, let us begin.

This is us leaving Villa Russo. I don’t usually wear make-up to go camping, but in this case we were taking our Christmas card pic so I deemed it important. I wish I could show you the card outtakes. They are hilarious. But that will have to wait until Christmas! Please ignore that I look drunk in this photo. I wasn’t. And I never will be.

This was our very first view of what we had to look forward to. It was kind of like a teaser trailer.

This is why we only have one picture of that teaser view. Because it was WINDY and we all know how I feel about wind. You can read my ranting in this post here. By this point it was also quite chilly. We have tried so so so so hard to camp when it’s warm, but we have failed miserably.

We found the perfect spot. It was in the primitive camping area, so no potties or grills or people around. I’m serious y’all, this is real camping. The tinkle behind a bush kind. I camp like a boss. Here’s a visual (of our campsite not the other stuff.)

My lover is pretty manly. He built us a fire.

Not that way. Although with some research (the man loves youtube) I’m sure that someday he probably will start a fire by rubbing two sticks together. For this trip however we pulled out the good stuff:

Thank you Kingsford for lighting the way. We would have been lost without you. All fire funness aside, YOU GUYS THERE’S A CASTLE!!!

SEE?!?!?! I told you! I have been begging John to take me to Turner Falls not so that I can gush over the beautiful waterfall and convene with nature, but so that I can play in the castle!

You can click here for a website with more information about Collings Castle. Trust me, you will get totally sucked in. It’s some of the most fascinating stuff. A few things I knew before going were that it was built in the 1930s by a professor at Oklahoma University as a summer home and as the seat of “Bar-C” Ranch. It’s architecture is based on European castles, but it is made from local materials. And I know that I love it. Absolutely love it.

That guy is a stud. My knight in shining armor. 🙂

Funny story. See how on the bottom of my boots one has a fun star pattern and the other looks mangled? Ummm, that’s because my boots are not real cowboy boots. They look pretty legit, but let’s be honest the soles are made of rubber. However, that does not deter me from acting like they are real. Acting like they are real leads me to stamp out the fire at our campsite. Stamping out the fire at our campsite leads to melted rubber soles. Hence the star pattern becoming a mangled pattern on one of my boots. My husband did a lot of eye-rolling. I sauntered around like an outlaw. Story of my life.

This may as well be a picture of my mother. I look just like her. This photo is one of those “oh, well hello mother” photos. Even the head tilt is totally channeling my mom.

No words. Just, just no words.

Be still my beating heart. I love those baby blues.

The following conversation actually happened.

Me: Next time we come to the castle I should dress as a princess and you should dress as a prince and we can play in the castle.

John (half listening): I’m sure kids would love to dress up and come play in a castle like this.

Me: No John. I said WE should do that.

John: We’re grown adults.


Me: Well I’m going to make-believe in my head I’m a princess anyway.

It’s all in the attitude, friends. All in the attitude.

Further up the hill from the castle was another teaser view of the falls.

John likes to take in the view. Enjoy the moment. I like to do this:

I wish I could say that this only happened once, but that would by lying. This a perfectly normal photo for us. If you could see my lover’s face it would be an annoyed face. An annoyed with me face. He loves me, I can tell.

We finally made it down to the falls. It was so pretty. I want so badly to go again in the warmer months and swim in the beautiful clear water. It was so inviting. Our God is such a masterful artist. He has created wonderful spots in this world that are just so full of beauty and majesty. A waterfall is one of those places.

Um, that’s us. My skin really is that white.

It was such a wonderful trip. And this is just day one! I still have to write about the food, and a short post about day two. Let me leave you with this: the food was off the hizzle. We ate like kings.