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Oh yeah they do!!! At least we did. I was sure that with a little planning and a few groceries we could eat more than just a hot dog for every meal. I’m afraid I am rather unoriginal. All my recipes came from pinterest, you can follow my camping board here.

First up is our favorite meal of the whole trip. After storming Collings Castle and other first day adventures (which you can read all about here) we headed back to camp an hour or so before sunset and started dinner. Before we left home I assembled and packed in a marinade two different types of kabobs. Two chicken breasts, a bell pepper, zucchini, and mushrooms got the chop and strung up on long sticks. The first ten I put in a lemon pepper marinade and the second ten I put in a teriyaki marinade. Boy oh boy, were they delish.

I don’t remember exactly when we got this grill top to go over a fire, but it’s the first time we have used it. I’m in love. Everything was so yummy. Something about a fire just makes things taste better.

Which brings me to the potatoes. These guys are to die for. You can get my inspiration recipe here but since I basically followed none of it I’ll tell you what I did. I had three small red potatoes for each foil packet. I chopped the potatoes up very small (we love the skin on) into cubes and piled them onto heavy duty foil. Then I added salt, pepper, and a sprinkling of dry ranch dressing mix. Folded my foil pack tent-style (you can read about folding up a tinfoil packet here) and plopped down near hot coals. No flames licking up around your foil pack, please.

When they were finished, I sprinkled in some cheddar cheese and we ate. Like kings. Hello, blog post title.

Oh my gosh. Let’s pack a tent and go again. Just for the food. It calls me.

Saturday morning we got up and I made breakfast. If the potatoes had not blown my mind the night before breakfast would have totally done it. I took better pictures of this, so I can walk you through it better. Start with hash brown patties.

Layer on top of that two sausage patties.

Anybody else starting to be creeped out by the word “patties” yet?

Next crack two eggs on top. My hands were covered in gross egg-ness so I couldn’t snap a photo of this but I think you get the idea. I salted and peppered the whole thing, then folded it into a tent and set it in hot coals. Twenty minutes later (just enough time to brew some hot cocoa) we had breakfast:

My lover made faces like this:

And I made faces like this:

Just keeping it real guys. If you want some super detailed instructions on cooking your own breakfast in tinfoil, check out this website.

The last meal I actually have no pictures of. It was kind of a dud. It was supposed to be pork chops and vegetables. It was edible, but not as delectable as breakfast and certainly couldn’t even hold a candle to those potatoes. We did try to make campfire bread. Also a womp-womp. I should have brought extra flour just in case it was too wet. Which it was. Sad day.

We ate hot dogs once. And s’mores. Lots of s’mores. Check out this post and this post for some more photographic moments from Turner Falls and all the mouth-watering shots of my s’mores.