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For those of you scurrying about this Christmas Eve getting those last-minute presents under the tree, here’s a great post on how to wrap them! Bonus: she totally recycled. So without any more rambling from me, please meet my amazingly creative and super-duper talented friend Annah.

All wrapped up

With Christmas right around the corner the excitement is beginning to
build and so are those stacks of gifts that just aren’t gonna wrap
themselves.  With that in mind, I decided to conjure up a plan that
would help make this part of the holiday season alot
more…well…fun!  I personally just didn’t want to go out and spend
money buying piles of bows and ribbon.  After all, it’s what’s inside
that REALLY matters most, right?

My 3 main goals during this year’s wrapping sessions were as follows:
(1) make each gift personal and catered to the recipient (2) recycle,
and last but definitely not least (3) be creative.

Upon completion of my gift wrapping frenzy I looked back and realized
there were a few gifts that stood out above the rest.  Therefore, I
decided to share my little treasure with you.  In this first photo, I
used fabric that I picked up a while back just because I liked it and
felt very confident I would find good use for it eventually.  I also
used pink painted pine cones on this one because it’s for my cute
niece and she loves pink!!

Niece gift

The next picture captured is of course for my hubby.  So, I decided to
make it extra special and personal. I’m also a huge collector of washi
tape and have been for a while.  I just love that stuff and have
accumulated quite the stash. What better way is there to exclaim my
love than to use washi tape combined with gift wrapping?

Hubby gift

Recycled newspaper was certainly a hit at our house this year.
Because my boss loves butterflies, I made it my goal to make one out
of newspaper and use it in the place of a ribbon and/or a bow to top
off one of her gifts.  Besides, it’s much cheaper and a bit more
creative too! I did the same thing for my husband.  He racked up this
Christmas!  I cut out a heart for him out of newspaper.  The heart
pictured a sweet couple looking very happy together, and it made my
heart smile.

Newsprint pieces

Lastly, I cut several small pieces from the back of our Christmas tree
and distributed them to gifts. This gave a festive touch and made our
gifts smell extra yummy as we traveled home for the holidays.

fresh gifts

Weren’t these the best tips? Enjoy your wrapping, and have a Merry Christmas!!

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