It’s been a little while since I added any fun instagram-ness (totally a word) so brace yourselves, some of these photos are from November. Oops. Below we have Christmas presents, sweet old friends, game night, guns (my sister is an excellent shot so don’t cross her,) the ever present shots of food, Michael Buble Michael Buble Michael Buble, and this time oddly enough there are a few photos with me in them. It is now with great humility I welcome you to the Instagram Feast.

2012-12-28_1356736541 2012-12-25_1356396074 2012-12-20_1355980398 2012-12-15_1355601576 2012-12-12_1355283681 2012-12-11_1355196656 2012-12-08_1354938735 2012-12-01_1354337230 2012-11-26_1353911379 2012-11-26_1353890843 2012-11-26_1353894752 2012-11-25_1353803375 2012-11-24_1353723944 2012-11-22_1353601786 2012-11-21_1353471320 2012-11-21_1353471072 2012-11-18_1353205662 2012-11-17_1353173784 2012-11-16_1353109019 2012-11-14_1352866330 2012-11-13_1352837047

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