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(everybody!) NEW YEAR’S EEEEVVEE!!!

If you haven’t seen/heard it already, check out She & Him What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve?

I’ll wait while you soak it in.

Now that we’re all in the mood for some New Year’s talkin’ I’ll let you in a little secret. Well actually seven little secrets. Secrets that aren’t really very secretive. They aren’t really secrets at all. This is my list of New Year’s Resolutions.

*clears throat*

We begin,

Goal #1: Read the Bible through in a year. This has been my New Year’s Resolution for the last three years. I have failed every year. Last year was really close. I got to August, and then started falling behind. This year I’m gonna make it. I’m determined. If you’re curious about what plan I’m following, you can find it here at biblegateway.com.

Goal #2: Similar to the first goal, this one is to read My Utmost For His Highest by Oswald Chambers. I had this as a goal last year too, but I tried to make it my daily study and that didn’t work out very well so I quit in February. I’m thinking this year I will make it my chapter-before-bed book. I found it here on amazon if you’re interested in your own copy.

Goal #3: This is the last one that is a copy from last year’s resolutions, and it is to keep fresh flowers in the house. This past year has been fabulous with some fresh blooms always on the coffee table, and they smelled so good. It only cost about $5 every other week, so it’s not a huge expense and it’s totally worth it.

Goal #4: Go to the gym at least 200 times. Which sounds like an insurmountable, astronomical number but it averages out to only 4 times a week. I think I can manage that.

Goal #5: Create a realistic budget and STICK TO IT. I’m bad. I’m really bad about creating a budget that I use as a “guideline” instead of sticking to it. Not this year folks. This is the year of strict Elesea. And she’s cranky.

Goal #6: Try a 365 Project. I think maybe once a long time ago I had heard of something like this, but for some reason this year it really sparked my interest. It’s a great New Year’s Goal, to take 365 photos of something throughout the year. I want to get my lover on board, I think it would be more fun. My first thought is to do a series of home scenes, so y’all get ready to be bored out of your minds as I recap once a week how my project is going. Because really, it’s going to be a lot of us sitting at home. If you want to get your own 365 Project started, check out A Beautiful Mess here for all the details and then let me know what you choose!

Goal #7: Send things. I want to make more trips to the Post Office. I want it to seem impossible to keep a stamp in my house. Now for me, this may mean quick short cards to encourage a dear friend. Or actually getting my act together and send out thank-you cards. Maybe sending someone a random $5 gift card. Or stickers to a child. I might just get on top of those birthdays for once. We’ll see, but my goal is to get creative and get fun about using the mail.

So what are your New Year’s resolutions? I feel like this year is the year of refusing to make resolutions. Where’s the fun in that? Come on people, let’s hear those goals!

And when all else fails, do this:


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Happy 2013!