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As I write about this, imagine me awkwardly tugging at my collar, clearing my throat, and avoiding eye contact. Like this:


That’s because, ehem, I have not done so well with those New Year’s Resolutions. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, check out this post about what I’m doing New Year’s. It lists all of my resolutions, and tells a little bit about why I’m doing each of them. I shared with you somewhat because I wanted to keep myself accountable by putting them on the internet, and somewhat because I like to over-share and New Year’s resolutions are kind of a big deal. Therefore, in the name of being accountable and over-sharing, I will tell you how it’s going. Let’s start with resolution #1…

Read the Bible through in a Year. I haven’t even started. Whoops. Maybe I’ll set aside a few hours to catch up. I’m only behind by the whole book of Genesis. No big deal.

Read My Utmost For His Highest by Oswald Chambers. Actually to my delight and complete amazement I’m doing really well here. Sections are usually only two or three paragraphs long and reading a section before bed every night has worked out quite well. I am 100% on schedule with it.

Keep fresh flowers in the house. Thanks to my precious lover this one is a success!! He bought me tulips. Aren’t they sweet?


Go to the gym 200 times this year. This one has been slightly modified. I have been working out consistently, but I’ve been doing it at home! A couple of Christmases ago I got Zumba for our Wii, and I haven’t used it that much until this year. I’m loving it. I worked out five days the first week. Since I love it so much, I decided to modify this resolution to work out 200 times this year. This way I can include any outdoor running, time at the gym, home workouts, days at the lake with lots of swimming, bike rides, etc.

Create a budget and stick to it. This one is okay. I’ve taken some steps to be more strict with the budget, such as calling John before making an iffy (totally a word) purchase, sticking to a list when grocery shopping, and splitting food at restaurants when we can. On the other hand, I’ve already spent my craft/decorating budget for January & March. Oops. I am bound and determined to stick to this budget though so I’ll be doing some crafts with leftover scraps of things for the next two months. I have a lots of scraps. I’m not worried about getting bored.

Complete a 365 Project. Good news. I’ve decided what I want to do for my project. Bad news. I haven’t taken a single picture. Grrrr, aggravation. I do feel like deciding on a subject was a big accomplishment. I’m taking photos of details. I feel like life, and my life especially, is made so much more beautiful by the details, so for this year I’ll be focusing on the details of things and photographing those. I’ve already picked a few photos I want to take, so maybe snapping those will be a weekend project.

Send things. I don’t walk to talk about it.

That’s it folks! Judge me if you like, I’m judging myself. It’s only two weeks into 2013 and I am already batting 3 for 7. How ’bout you? What resolutions have you been successful with?