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Now that most of the big stuff is done in the bedroom, it’s time for some details. And what do details include in this bedroom makeover? Burlap. The details include burlap.

Now apart from our burlap curtains (that I’m in love with!!) I wanted to bring in some of the muey-textured (totally a word) fabric to other parts of the room. I thought that as sort of a way to balance the softness of the netting and white duvet with the big heavy personality of the burlap curtains bringing the fabric in small amounts into other parts of the room might be wise. The title of the post comes from the fact that the first thing I made was this burlap pillow.


This thing was SO easy to make. And took only about half an hour. I used an old pillow we had that matched our previous bedspread:

pillow form

And simply draped burlap over it to measure how much fabric I needed to cut to make a pillow case for the existing pillow. Then I cut my fabric into the resulting rectangle.

This next part I think only works for burlap because it’s so loosely woven that you can see right through it. I printed out the largest size ampersand I could on our at-home printer, which happened to be the perfect size for my pillow. Otherwise, I could have had it blown up larger at a kinkos. Just print in regular black ink, then lay your burlap over it. It will look like this:


See what I’m saying? You can see my ampersand right through the fabric. It’s imperative for me that I get a clear view, because my drawing/handwriting skills leave much to be desired. By that I mean I write like a 5-year-old-boy so the tracing is the only way I’m pulling this transformation off. In case my burlap shifted any during coloring, I traced the outline first and then started filling in the character:


The best part?? That’s a sharpie. Yep, a regular, bottom-of-the-junk-drawer, I-almost-panicked-because-I-couldn’t-find-black, sharpie. No tricks. Nothing had to be lit on fire. It was preschool coloring 101. I can handle that.

Now for the more challenging part of this pillow. Break out this bad boy:


The two of you will have to have a discussion before the next step. Because last time the two of you met one of you ended up with a needle through her finger. Clean through to the other side. Sat there in utter shock looking at your finger that’s pinned down because there’s a needle through it. And then you had to have the presence of mind to slowly back the needle up out of your finger to free yourself. And then you went into hysterics. Wept for the next several hours. Had nightmares, both waking and sleeping, of sharp objects protruding from your phalanges. You already had an issue with sharp objects, this experience didn’t help.

At least that’s the discussion I had to have with my sewing machine. It was a real heart to heart. We’re on better terms now.

Sewing in a straight line is one of the easiest things to do. I can totally handle straight lines.


I didn’t take a picture of it, but a few pillows ago I realized that after you sew your corners, it makes a much prettier pillow if you then cut diagonally across the tip of the corner before turning it right side out. Having that excess fabric gone helps the corners to turn out crisper. Once your corners are clipped, turn your new pillow case right side out:


OH STOP RIGHT THERE!! I forgot to mention, leave a space open for your pillow. Please please please do this, otherwise you will go into hysterics and weep for hours for reasons other than sewn fingers. Trust me. It will be the ugly cry.

Stuff your pillow into its new case, sew up the open end, and admire.

Congratulations, now just don’t sleep on it.


***PSSSTTT!! Bedroom reveal coming next week!!***