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I took 175 photos of this room. I deleted all but the few here in this post. Also I have a new camera that I apparently don’t know how to use, so these photos are small. It makes me sad but there’s no way this room will ever be clean enough to re-shoot so small photos it is.

Hold onto your hats ladies & gents, I’m about to show you the “before.”



That was a bit dramatic. But it’s pretty much how I feel about this photo. And that’s pretty much how our bedroom looked for almost 4 years. No wonder we don’t have any children yet. That monstrosity isn’t exactly a mood setter. Well it is a mood setter, it’s just a grumpy mood is all.

You can click here for the post about re-doing the headboard. And you can click here for the tutorial on the ever-popular giant canvas photograph. The dresser makeover can be found if you click here. Our chandelier can be found by clicking here. And if you’re just looking for inspiration for your own neutrally goodness you can check out this post here.

Okay now I think we’ve all waited long enough, here is the grand reveal…

White bedroom







Well thar she blows maties!!

She looks pretty good, although when I look at these pictures I see about five thousand, one hundred and eighty-two things I would like to change/improve. For example, that dresser is looking sparse up top.

Instead of going through the “one day I’m so on that” list, I want to share with you my favorite things! First off, I’m in l.o.v.e. with our “chandelier.”

White bedroom

I think the fact that it’s flowy and soft is just amazing. Because of the neutral whites & greys it doesn’t block too much light, just softens the harshness from before. Perfecto! *mwah*

Every time I walk into the room I feel the need to pause a moment and just look at these shelves:


They add so much height on that side of the room and perfectly balance the heavy burlap curtains from the other side of our bedroom. Plus, I like playing with how they’re arranged every now and again. Especially the top shelf. That top shelf makes me drool.

My absolutest most favoritest part of the room ever though is this corner:


Remember a couple weeks ago in this post that I confessed I had already spent my decorating budget for January & February? Well, I completely blame that reflective beauty in the corner. She’s a total babe. She hails from the land of HomeGoods, and thanks to my overly generous parents she’s mine! Thanks mom & dad. I paid for most of her with the gift card y’all gave me. 🙂 She’s so perfect. I just love her in this corner. It’s my side of the bed, so when I roll out of dreamland and into the world of the waking she greets me and tells me it’s going to be okay. She also reminds me that I look like a tramp first thing in the morning and not to leave the house until I’m presentable. She’s trustworthy like that.

Oh and she’s a skinny mirror. Meaning objects in the mirror appear skinnier than they actually are. I just love that.

So there it is. Sweat and tears. No blood. Blood would stain the comforter.

White bedroom