This little squeaker has a birthday today:


{Photo via Shelly Weaver Photography}

I won’t tell you how old she is, but just between us it rhymes with shmenty shmoo.

I just love her. My baby sister (if you haven’t caught on by now, I’m the oldest of the kiddos, they are all my babies) is also my bestest friend. And although we are almost nothing alike, we have so much in common. This letter is to her on her birthday.


When did all this happen? When did you grow up and become all lady-like and adultish? What happened to all those years playing together in the backyard? I was Sissa, you were Kelly. Heaven only knows where we came up with those names. We had so much fun with our alter egos. Hours were spent swinging on that old tree swing. And in our tree house. We had a blooming tree house!!! How cool was that? I’m pretty sure I bossed you around more than you deserved. Or at least tried to. You were pretty feisty though, always able to hold your own. You just kept growing up so fast.

When did all this happen? In all seriousness, it was like last summer that we were headed to summer camp with our friends, laughing it up and having the time of our lives. You always kept everyone entertained. You were so funny, and so honest. You said absolutely everything that popped into your head. I’m pretty sure all the boys liked you. Actually scratch that. I know all the boys liked you.

When did all this happen? I went to college. Then you went to college. I remember vividly the night you called me freaking out because WebMD said you had thyroid cancer. I remember it because I missed you so bad and was legitimately worried you might be dying of cancer. That was before you admitted that the other possibility was strep throat. And you’re still alive so we all know how that ended.

When did all this happen? You were the most beautiful (and wonderful!) maid of honor in the whole world. I know it. You fretted and fussed over every little detail that weekend, to make sure it was fun and full of memories that would last forever. Your ability to locate and pose for any camera of the room is well demonstrated in the pictures from that day. You always had on your best smile.

When did all this happen? You graduated college, smartie-pants, and then you landed a job that has you on the fast track to an awesome career. I knew you’d be great at whatever you did. You’re so good with people, I’m fairly convinced you’ve never met a stranger in your whole life. You get that from our father. Whom you are becoming more and more like every day. I’m expecting really awesome (i.e. expensive) Christmas presents from you in the next couple of years. Since you will probably be running your own company or something. And you’ll probably be married to some hot multimillionaire. He had better be a pretty amazing guy. Which he’ll have to be, to pass my test. I plan on giving him a pretty thorough shake-down. Any possible suitor be warned. I’m watching.

When did all this happen? I don’t really know. All I know is you’re an amazing, incredible, gorgeous young woman and I am so glad/proud/blessed to call you my baby sister. I love you.

The hugest ever birthday hugs and wishes from me,