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The following post includes cat pajamas. MY cat pajamas. You’ve been warned.

Y’all, I have the best friends. The proof is right here in this post. If you can be seen with me in public in my cat pajamas then you deserve to be given friend-of-the-year award. Toss in the fact that I wore no (ZERO) make-up, rolled out of bed 10 minutes before we left so I’d have time to brush my teeth, and gathered the troops together for photographic evidence and you’ll have the picture of this year’s Good Friday celebrations.

To all of those deeply spiritual types who fasted on Good Friday my hat is off to you. Just don’t look at my hair, it’s part of my cat-pajama look. My approach to Easter this year has been different. More celebratory. Maybe I’ll go deep next year. Maybe my lover will burn these pajamas. You never know.

This post is going nowhere fast.

Ehem, in an attempt to reel in this wordfest let me tell you about this plan. I absolutely l.o.v.e. “yes” people. You know what I’m talking about, the kind of people who are up for anything. I feel that I am this type of person and, well, birds of a feather, right? So anyways, my lover and I have these friends who are just those type of people. So when I said “hey, let’s go to breakfast in our pajamas” they were all like “sure, sounds good.” Actually I think us gals were like that. The guys married us. And so this happened:


CAT PAJAMAS!!!!!!!!!!

Meee-owww. (Pun totally intended)


Lover’s p.j.s were a little more fierce than mine. A little.

We went to a land flowing with coffee and crepes. Cafe Brazil is a fun & funky local dining place with the best crepes EVER. Need proof? BOOM:


I dare you not to salivate right now. Four crepes, stuffed with all kinds of citrus-y and sweet fruits, smothered in sauces, and then heavily dusted with powdered sugar. The bomb.com, for rizzle. And of course, there was coffee.


Cafe Brazil offers a bottomless coffee bar with lots of flavor options. It was lover’s first experience there, I just had to capture him deciding which delicious option to try first.



I had like 3 cups. And then took a cup to go. It was the most enjoyable bad idea I’ve ever had. For a girl who labels herself a “social drinker” when it comes to coffee I consumed way too much caffeine. It felt like a million fairies doing military drills inside my veins for the rest of the day. Turns out that much caffeine is uncomfortable.

Next, go home. Take a nap. Clean your house. Get ready for dinner.



My lover has been learning to grill lately. We got a charcoal grill for Christmas via a gift card that my sweet mother in law gave us. I would like to be mature and tell you I love charcoal for the wonderful flavor and authentic grilling taste it gives food, but the truth is I like to roast marshmallows when the coals are first lit on fire. Which of course we did. Who wouldn’t?

We’ve made some chicken on this new grill and it’s been good. But friends, this steak. I can’t, I just, I need a minute. Maybe five minutes. These steaks were so good. Lover called a friend who is the definition of a foody. Those people are good to know. In my mind, they are the people who make the world go ’round. So on top of steaks we put together a relative feast including corn, potatoes, bread, and dessert. We ladies even set the table. And then, we ate. And ate. And ate.







And that, my friends, is how you eat your way through a day off. Not bad, eh?

Now it’s time for a little poll. How do you pronounce those things you sleep in? Are they pa-JOM-as or are they pa-JAM-as? I’m pretty sure mine are paJAMas. The hubster wears paJOMas. They look pretty much the same to me.