To all two of my readers,

It’s been a while.

I’ve barely blogged a single thing this summer, but I have a great excuse. I’ve been keeping secrets.

The juicy kind.

Like, the keep-the-world-staring-at-the-screen-wondering-if-it’s-a-prince-or-princess kind.

Not really that intense. Although while we’re on the subject, who else is inexplicable excited that Britain’s newest heir is a George and not a Georgette? Anybody? Anybody?

Nevermind. Back to my secrets. I truly only have two “secrets,” and then just other fun stuff to spill. Plus some pretty fabulous pictures, like my lover in a mortar board and pictures of our new living space.

Because that’s the first secret.

We’ve moved.

Seriously moved. This is not your average, run-of-the-mill, still in the same time zone type of move. This is the big kind. We seriously have changed time zones. Changed driver’s licenses. Packed up the U-Haul and prayed it wouldn’t catch on fire in the heat of the desert. Seriously, seriously moved. I just love it. School was becoming so yesterday’s news.

Hold up. I’m getting ahead of myself. I’ve got lots to spill, so here are three subtle hints about my upcoming posts:

1) Pomp & Circumstance

2) The desert

3) Bump

Let’s get started! See you Tuesday with the first post from my crazy secret-laden summer!