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Grad sign

We recently had one of these at our house, and I could not be more proud. My lover graduated from seminary with his MASTER’S of Divinity. For him, this was a momentous time in his life. The closing of one chapter and the opening a new one. For me, it was time to get the heck out a’ dodge!

Okay so that’s not entirely true. But his graduation did mean that our time in an apartment where the fridge didn’t open all the way was coming to an end. I don’t miss that apartment. What I do miss are all the good times we had in that apartment. All the times we played games of pictionary that got heated. The Christmas parties where we packed everyone we knew into one room.


Alright enough with the sentimental stuff. Let’s talk about our last big par-tay.

This particular party started with long robes and funny hats. In fact, they looked kind of like this:

018Somewhere on the other side of that sea of black attire is my hubby waiting to graduate!! But first we had to listen to a little of this guy:

Patterson preachingBefore this could happen:

John receiving diplomaSorry about the blurry picture here. I was too busy twerking. Not really. I don’t even know what twerking is, but I’m pretty sure I can’t do it. I was super, duper, cross-my-legs-so-I-don’t-pee-my-pants excited. That. Is. His. Diploma.

He grew up so fast. I swear it was yesterday he came to me with his head split open ’cause he tried to run and hide from me when I wasn’t actually chasing him. And now, he’s all grown up. I mean, just look at the authority with which he’s accepting that diploma. I just swell with pride.

But enough with the whole graduating stuff, let’s talk about the party stuff.

My party started when my parents drove up in this:

Parents in MustangOooohh yeah! Those are my fabulous parents. Please don’t be upset that my parents are so cool. They can’t help it. My mom called about ten minutes before they showed up, while I was in my pajamas. She hinted at needing a scarf, and I read between the lines enough to have make-up and clothes on by the time they arrived. Because my friends you are looking at my dream car. Only I want the apple-red version. Simply drool-worthy. Forget graduation, I was ready to cruise.

Mom & E selfie

We all went to breakfast at my favorite place. Remember Cafe Brazil from my post about eating through Good Friday?

At Cafe BrazilOh yeah, we went there.

It was fabulous.

My mouth is watering now just thinking about those delicious crepes.

Okay so back to graduation. We took a bazillion pictures, but I won’t bore you with all that. Here are just some highlights:

John with his diploma

With my lover

Graduation GroupWe were so blessed to have so many family members come. At one point lover thought it would be no big deal, his mom and dad might show up but that would be it. So as his wife my heart swelled when not only a big chunk of his family came to help us celebrate but also several of my family members. We can’t say enough thank-yous to really express how much it meant to us that they all could join us.

Okay enough of all this sappiness!

Let’s talk turkey. Errr, um, cake.


Isn’t it a beauty? I worked with a gal who did they most gorgeous cakes, and she made this one for us to celebrate John’s weekend. I think he liked it. I mean, look at this face:

John's face with cakeThat face loves his cake.

I borrowed about half a dozen slow cookers from friends and while we were getting our celebration on at my lover’s graduation those cookers were doing all the work. We just had to show up and eat. And praise the Lord we had nice weather. I was able to set up tables outside for everyone to eat at. Because goodness knows we never could have shoved all the family who came into our apartment the size of a Holiday Inn room. No way.

Photo collage

With my giftThis is with my gift for being his support through Seminary. He’s such a sweetie.

And I think that just about covers it. But the story gets really juicy with what we did after graduation. Stay tuned!