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My lover is a graduate.

Let’s back up for a second here. Let’s go back. Way back. Back to long before I knew him. Back to when the young man who would eventually be my husband (whom I call my lover) first felt that God was leading him to be in full-time ministry. Move forward from there about ten years and you have him standing at an alter marrying me. Move to the next week and you see the two of us moving into seminary.

Now let me explain seminary. It sounds like a solemn scary place where men shave their heads into weird patterns and chant things. It also sounds oddly like the word “cemetery.” Cemetery makes a lot of sense around finals week.

Anyways. Seminary is actually (in a nutshell) a training school where young men and women study God’s Word intensely. Not only the Bible itself, but also biblical languages, skills such as preaching, and how to run a church. Believe it or not a pastor does A LOT more than speak for a half hour on Sunday morning.

Okay so my lover has graduated. Now the question was, what to do with all this training?

Welp, we up and took it to New Mexico!

I could not be happier.

I l.o.v.e. the west. Everything about the west. And the desert. I could type 1,000 words on how much I love incessant sunshine, dry air, cacti. These are just a few of my favorite things!

The details on how are quite exciting, but what it all ultimately boils down to is God worked it out. Seriously. We’ve only been here for a few months and new information keeps coming to our attention that confirms that this was all a God thing.

Now, let me tell you about this place.

I’ll refer to it as FSNM. Partially because I adore the mystery of not telling the actual name of where I live. Partially because it would take forever to type it out over and over again. Ehem.

I love this place. LOVE it. It’s small town livin’ and it is just what I was made for. I love the quiet streets, everything being in walking distance, the sense of community. It’s an agricultural community, so we have lots of (mostly alfalfa) farmers in our church along with a large number of ranchers. I recently learned that the ranches are extensive. If you had asked me six months ago what I thought a large ranch was, I would tell you 500 acres. Oh no. I knew nothing. The average ranch out here (I’ve learned) is in the twenty-something THOUSAND acre range. Just blows my mind. I can’t handle it.

John has been called as pastor the baptist church in town. He loves it. I have never seen him so gung-ho about anything in our entire marriage. He just loves people so much and he’s finally here doing exactly what God wants him to do and he’s just loving it. To top it all off, this is the best church. They have us totally spoiled. We live in a beautiful home, we’ve been given food and household necessities, and have endlessly been invited in homes to fellowship with them. I can’t say it any way other than I feel totally accepted.

Now I’ll leave you with a few pictures from the last two months. This is it friends. This is where I live.

Outside of townThis is just outside of town. Middle. Of. Nowhere. I love it!

ParsonageOur home sweet home.

Red chairI just had to show you my sweet chair. On my front porch. So perfect.

EntrywayEntryway. Mmmmmkay, it needs some love.

Front roomFront room/entrance. Needs SO MUCH love. But you can start drooling over my floors now. I do.

LRThe living room. Believe it or not we’ve done the most work making this house our home in this room.

Dining RoomThe dining area. I have BIG BIG plans for in here.

Back porchBack porch. Once we kill the 3,784 spiders back here I’m going to town and we’re going to make this place like just another room in the house. I have plans. 🙂

Craft RoomMy craft room/half guest room. I’m so excited to work in here once my desk is finished and all my junk fun stuff is organized.

Guest roomGuest room. We’re buying (hopefully) a bed this weekend and then I can get to work in here before our first guests arrive next month.

KitchenMy kitchen. Where the refrigerator door opens all the way and I have limitless counter space. I just can’t get enough of this kitchen.

NurseryBaby girl’s room. Needs some work I’d say.

HallwayThe long hallway. And when I say long, I mean put on your hiking boots before you walk it long.

Master bathI tried to avoid bathroom shots but this opens directly into our bedroom so I thought I’d go ahead and show it.

Master bedOur bedroom translated well into the new space and is actually the most done room in the house. Ignore my desperate need for shams.

Master bed 2These are french doors that open into the back yard. Eventually I would like the make curtains specifically designed for french doors so they can really be showcased. That’s in the “someday” category.

So there you have it! I have to lots to do still to really feel all moved in, but for now I’m loving have all the space!