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Sometimes I like to pretend that I have lots of readers who randomly came across my blog and think I’m hilariously funny and just can’t get enough. These people only know me through cyber-land. They don’t ever see me face-to-face and we aren’t facebook friends. So they are totally surprised when I say…



For the people who really do read my blog (all two of you!) just hang here with me. I promise pictures.

So let’s back up just a little. At the beginning of the year we lost our first baby. You can read about that here if you want. We were very sad, but encouraged because we knew it was possible for us to become pregnant.

And then four months later it happened. The weekend my lover graduated I started feeling weird in the afternoons. I wasn’t outright sick, but my mouth would water (like it does when you’re nauseated) and I lost my appetite. Friends, I do NOT just randomly lose my appetite. I knew something was up. I can’t even tell you how many times I peed on a stick that weekend. I wanted so badly to get a positive reading so we could tell our families in person. But I just could not get a single one of those tests to cooperate, darn it.

I did not, however, give up. So you won’t blame me for getting a positive reading Tuesday morning before work after taking what seemed like the 50th test. You also won’t blame me for waking up lover 2 hours before his alarm to share the good news. And I guess you won’t be able to blame him for his less-than-over-the-top reaction. He probably couldn’t even tell if he was dreaming or not.

I on the other hand immediately jumped on pinterest. That’s totally normal right? I had to start planning, only nine months and counting!

We shared with our families just a few days later. We waited until a clinic confirmed the pregnancy before sharing with everyone else. One of the most fun times we were able to share was with our new church. My lover (and now baby daddy) told them the day the church voted to bring him as pastor. He accepted the call, and then said, “I usually don’t like to start things out this way, but I haven’t been completely honest. You all think you’ve called two of us, but actually there are three.” And then there was applause. I almost exploded from happiness. Exploded. John was graduating, we were heading to this amazing church, and expecting our first baby. This, friends, is what you call a time of abundance.

Pregnancy has been fun. Seriously. It’s been challenging, for sure, but I have thoroughly enjoyed this time of expecting a bundle of joy.

First picY’all have no idea how huge I thought I already was at this point. If only I knew.

Second photoI l.o.v.e maternity clothes. Mainly stretchy pants. I may never take them off.

Third picI didn’t feel so terrible during my first trimester. Mainly just some afternoon queasiness, and exhaustion. My lover told one of his friends I slept so much it was like being a bachelor all over again. Uh, my bad.

Second TrimesterWe moved at the end of the first trimester, so there are several weeks of no pictures. By the time this photo was taken I was in my second trimester and I feel GREAT. Second trimester has been wonderful. Other than the steady diet of Tums, I’ve had almost no symptoms to deal with. Everything I do is twice as hard and twice as tiring, but at least I feel like doing things.

Feeling GoodOne thing I flatly REFUSE to give up are my shoes. One day I had a moment of I-will-never-buy-anything-for-myself-ever-again and bought like 5 new pairs of shoes. I wear them with pride defiance.

It's a girl!And we’re far enough along for this! Baby girl is healthy, strong, and likes to kick and swat at her mother. We are so very excited. And here she is:

BABY GIRL_9We are just overwhelmed with joy and gratitude. The Lord has truly blessed us. I’m due January 20th, so hang in there you’re about to be bombarded with all things tiny and pink. 🙂