It being Christmas Eve and all, I just had to relive one of my first posts about Christmas. Also, this was before I got myself knocked up and I look SO SKINNY!!!


…your family gets more excited about this:

than they get excited about anything else. I come from a family of very refined rednecks. We love NASCAR, yes. My grandpa once had a worm farm, yes. Having a dozen people wielding firearms is a normal Christmas, yes. But we don’t keep broken down cars in the front yard for 20 years. My parents have cable television. Most of us have all our teeth. Like I said, we’re refined rednecks.

Oh and can I just say how hot my lover is with that gun? That man is smokin’  hooottt! Sorry ladies, he’s mine. 🙂

Quick side story. This one time I called my mom to chat about girl things. But she was busy. At the gun show. Buying a gun. The woman is bad to the bone.

You wouldn’t want to meet her in a dark alley. You wouldn’t come out alive. Which…

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