Have you ever carried one of those terribly awkward infant restraint systems across a partially graveled church parking lot in a pair of heels?

I have.

I have found myself in such a situation many times. One day it became so impossible that I ripped those heels right off and through them in the diaper bag.

And that’s how this blog got its name. (Also I put my shoes back on once my bare piggies carried me to the church nursery and deposited my child safely on the ground. In case you were wondering how that story ended.)

My name is Elesea and this right here is my tiny tiny slice of the www. I love it here. I want to document all the things that happen as this little family of mine grows. It started out just myself and my husband (whom I call “lover” here) until in January of 2014 our little bundle of joy burst onto the scene. (I call her “A” here) We are a normal(ish) family living in rural USA and loving every minute of it. My husband pastors the Baptist church in town while I get to stay at home with our precious little girl. It’s my dream job, really.

Since it’s my dream job I wish I could tell you that I’m a domestic goddess with a garden in my backyard and parenting all figured out but then I would be lying. The truth is you could eat off my floors, but that’s because you could find enough crumbs on my floors to make a decent meal. Dry ranch dressing is my favorite spice. And parenting? Let’s just say every night when I put my child to bed and we’re both still living I consider myself a rockstar.

But I do love a good pair of kitten heels. And being a stay-at-home-mom is truly my dream job. I put food on the table every night, our clothing is (most of the time) clean, and I even manage to cloth diaper.

When I’m old and gray I want to look back on these adventures into motherhood and smile. (if the interest isn’t broken by then) I hope they make you smile too.


2 thoughts on “about”

  1. haha. just recently got a WordPress too.


  2. good for you!

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